Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 1

Last year I tried something new and I've enjoyed looking back on it. So here I go again with "30 Days Hath September".

Today I spent most of the morning finishing up some last minute odds and ends for my lesson tomorrow.  I was feeling like a bad mom for ignoring my children and decided to buy there forgiveness with a trip to the snow sack.

Seeing how there are only a few days left in the "snow sack season" our flavors were limited.  After a few meltdowns I convinced the boys that pink snow cones would taste just as delicious as the blue which they originally wanted.

Camden was all about sharing with me until he had just a few spoonfuls left he said, "Is it ok if you don't touch the rest of this cause it's only good for me".  Jace on the other hand was close to biting my fingers off every time I attempted to sneak a spoonful. Luckily Jace was "too full" and I was able to indulge in his last few bites so I didn't have to fight Camden for his.

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