Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Day We Get Ready For Sunday

How is it that I spend EVERYDAY sleep training my child(who, on his own, decided he doesn't need a nap even if he wakes up at 530am) and finally it works Saturday? What's wrong with that you ask? Because tomorrow is church day and church goes from 9-noon. This completely ruins any type of schedule my child just figured out. That sucks.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lunch Date

For some reason I have been feeling cooped up lately and need to get out of the house. Dan had a brilliant idea that we meet him for lunch and play some golf. I wasn't big on the idea at first because it is too darn hot to be outside and I don't golf. But seeing how I never got a better offer(surprise surprise), we took him up on that one.
Camden loved playing on the grass, and did much better than I anticipated. I think he is secretly like his mom and has the burning need to get out at least once a day.
Good idea Dan, love ya!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Date Night

One of Dan's students gave us tickets to the Arizona Rattlers(arena football) game and we made a date of it. Some of the highlights included Tiffani falling while trying to climb over the seats, the midget obstacle course at halftime, the couple next to us fighting, Coldstone,
and last but not least...Dan thinking I'm so hot he couldn't keep his hands off me.
I was trying to have a serious picture of us in the "Lexus Club" to prove our high rollin' status, Dan had other plans.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Do You Do In The Summertime

I've decided in my next life I am going to work in the heating and air conditioning business. It seems about every six months we have something in that department go wrong. In January our heat went out, Monday our air went out. We have lived here almost three years and our air has gone out 3 times, and heat once. This is silly!

Last night was miserable, none of us slept worth a darn. Dan had a hard time shaving this morning because he was sweating to death. Camden had no appetite for two days. And I accomplished nothing around the house due to the heat. Camden's toys consisted of frozen water bottles, our dinner time was spent in the pool, and the noise from ALL the fans became our entertainment.

Luckily someone was able to come fix it today and we are back in business. All it took was twenty minutes on their part, suffering through the two hottest days of the year and $300.00 on our part, and there you have it!

I love air conditioning when it works.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Trash, His Treasure

What is this you ask?
My son drinking from a Sonic straw that is hanging out of the garbage can.
That's one smart boy if you ask me. He knows a good drink when he sees one.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Aware Of My Surroundings

I like to think I am aware of my surroundings, not nosey.

During the last week I witnessed two of my neighbors cars beings towed away, aka repossessed. I felt bad for my neighbors for a brief moment until I felt the rush of watching the tow truck driver quickly hook the cars up and take off in an effort to avoid an confrontation.

So as I informed Dan of what I witnessed, instead of calling me nosey(because he knows better than that) he told me I would be a good participant of the neighborhood watch.

Just like I am aware of my surroundings, Dan is aware of the words he chooses to use. I am still laughing out loud about how funny his comment was!

Monday, May 12, 2008

11 Months

My friend had a child the same day Camden was born, and on her blog she has a ticker with how many days left until her girl turns one. Every time I check her blog I gasp at how close that day really is getting.

So here is Camden in all his curious glory weighing in at 22.4lbs(I only know this because of our visit to the doctor from yet another ear infection). As of today he is doing the following crazy things:
  • pointing at anything and everything
  • clapping, mostly after you tell him "good job"
  • head banging on the wall(I like to think he has rhythm not some other problem) and rocking back and forth to the music
  • throwing balls, he has quite the arm
  • he has mastered the art of drinking soda from Dan's route 44 straw
  • talking gibberish ALL the time
  • waving hello and goodbye
  • biting with his mouth full of 8 teeth
  • hitting and yelling at the same time

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thank You

Dear Mom,
I blame you for making motherhood look so easy, but I thank you for all you did for me and continue to do. Thanks for being the best Mom. I love you!
Your Favorite Daughter

Dear Camden,
I blame you for testing my patience almost daily, but I thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally. Thanks for making me a mom. I love you!
Your Favorite Mom

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Poor Guy

I knew this moment was coming, but I hoped it would happen on Dan's watch. Camden fell face first down the stairs today! He cried for a good ten minutes while I tried holding back my own tears and replaying what I saw in my mind. But all it took to make him feel better was a nice cold orange slice to suck on, and the crying was gone. I looked over every inch on his body and he doesn't even have a single bruise. His mouth was bleeding for a brief moment, but I couldn't even see a cut.
What a trooper!

More Family Time

We have been feeling so lucky lately to get to see so much family. Last week we were in Utah close to them and this week they were close to us. Dan's brother and his family were in town and were kind enough to spend an entire day with us. In the morning we went to lunch and afterwords came back to our house for a little guitar hero.
Neither of them had played before and were actually pretty good.
It was fun for Camden to spend time with his cousins because it doesn't happen very often. This was the only picture I got with the three of them facing the camera all at once(well, sorta facing it).

Thanks Mike and Rebecca for spending some of your vacation with us. We miss you guys.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Week In Review

Other than everyone getting sick, the weather being super weird, and the time going way too fast; we had so much fun this past week in Utah. I wasn't very good at taking pictures this time around, but I did capture a few good moments.
Camden learned to enjoy all the new "toys" he found at my mom's house. Everything was so new and exciting for him.
We got to hang out with our family and had so much fun. Last time we went home was in December and Camden has grown and changed so much since then. It was so much fun for me to watch my family interact with Camden(he is the first grand baby for my parents), and to see him take so well to them. We miss them already.

We went to lunch with friends and Camden got to play with kids closer to his own age. The women at the gym daycare weren't lying when they said he was a bully. He pushed and hit everyone he came in contact with. Thank goodness we love him so much!

He even got his first haircut by none other than my famous sister and hair dresser, Cassi. It was so funny when she used the clippers on him he started laughing because he thought it tickled. Doesn't he look much more handsome now that the mullet is gone?
He learned new tricks from his Uncle Caleb who was gracious enough to share a room with him the entire time.
Hanging out with Dans family is always exciting. Thanks to Aunt Cathy he got a new toy(a mint container) that he is still enjoying. And learned from Uncle Aaron that his favorite thing to do is ride on people's shoulders.
Hopefully Dan got his fix for "rough housing" with his nephews because I am definitely not as much fun as they are!