Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 Days Hath September

I saw an idea somewhere several years ago and have thought about it ever since.  The idea was to create a scrapbook containing the everyday items and thoughts for all 30 days of September. 

The task of creating a scrapbook page for the next 30 days seemed rather daunting; but the concept of remembering and writing down the everyday ordinary things, wouldn't leave my mind.

If you are immersed in life-
enhancing activities and enjoying them with positive enthusiasm,
then you are living in the moment.
This is a dimension of wellness, we are NEVER going to
 know unless AND until we cultivate a
consciousness of
living in the NOW.
For 30 days, I'm telling

Today was a pretty low key day.

Camden woke me up in the middle of night and asked, "What is wrong with me?  Why are there bubbles in my nose?"  He was so concerned and almost terrified by his bubble blowing snotty nose and I couldn't contain my laughter.  I love the way his innocent little mind thinks.

I am not a reader.  Never have been.  But after watching the movie "The Help", I let my friend convince me I needed to read the book.  The first few days went as expected...I think I read 20 pages in 2 weeks.  But today I picked it up and couldn't put it down.  I found myself reading while making dinner for my boys.  I'm hooked.

Tonight I was reminded that the Lord is into the very details of my life. I am grateful for the whisperings of the spirit and that I have been able to recognize them more fully now more than ever.

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