Monday, September 17, 2012

DAY 17

Camden begged me to let him wake Jace up this morning.  After I allowed him the honors I heard giggling coming from their room.  Camden had ever so gently laid down next to Jace and rubbed his back to slowly wake him up.  It was pretty much the sweetest thing ever.  I'm so grateful these two love each other the way they do.

This afternoon Jace and I ran an errand to the craft store.  He grabbed his little cart and I grabbed mine, just like we always do, and I headed towards the first aisle to browse.  I turned around because I didn't hear Jace following.  He was slowly moving backwards tripping over his cart, terrified of the Halloween decor.  As I walked over to help him, I triggered a sensor in one of the witches.  Her eyes turned green and she let out a loud cackle.  Jace went into full on hysterics.  His heart was pounding and he was screaming louder than I have ever heard him.  I was trying not to laugh because I knew he was honestly terrified.  Employees rushed over because they thought something horrible happened and customers were probably annoyed.  It was the saddest thing ever but equally entertaining.

As we drove home from the store I tried explaining that the decorations are just pretend.  Jace was convinced they were scary and would hurt him.  I tried consoling him by telling him heavenly Father made mommies to protect Jace Man, and that I would never allow anything like that to hurt him.  He followed my comments up with, "I want Heavenly Father to make me like Mom and not Jace".  I reminded him that Camden loves his brother and would be so sad if Heavenly Father didn't send him a Jace.  And he followed that up with, "Then I wanna be a Camden, not Jace cause Jace does not like scary things".

Next stop this evening was Lowe's.  Dan had to hold Jace and help calm him down when we walked past a cheesy wire cat.  He was terrified.  I'm pretty sure he will be in bed before the festivities of Halloween begin this year.  Poor guy.

With the help of Dan I finished one of my shutter projects.  I am working on a few different variations and hopefully will be just as pleased with the final product.

I am obsessed with all the cute knobs lately.  The possibilities of what to make with these are endless.

Hopefully I can come up with a few more good ideas, and find the perfect place to sell  the beauties.


{amy k.} said...

how sweet camden is to wake jace up with a gentle back rub and not a wrestling match- that is adorable! and i feel so bad for the poor little guy... being so scared, that is something i can totally relate to! the scary side of halloween is one of my least favorite things!

Amee said...

Ok the shutter is sooo cute! I love love it.

Tawnya said...

So sweet - the stories, Jace's comments and your adorable shutter!