Friday, March 26, 2010


Camden has this new thing where he thinks it's fun to come into the bathroom with Dan and I whenever we pay the water bill(so to speak).

So this morning Camden noticed Dan was doing his thing and he headed for the bathroom. Two seconds later Camden came walking out and barfed on the floor, right outside the bathroom.

Careful not to make him feel bad I asked why he barfed. His response was priceless, "Daddy's poop is stinky".

I am still laughing!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Otay

We had an unexpected visit the last few days from some of our favorite people! Although their trip was short lived, it was oh so sweet!
We did a little shopping. Gap seemed to have the cutest window models.
We ate lunch outside. And for every bite we took, we got a penny to throw in the water.
We pretended like Nanny lived here all the time.
We got to see Santa even during his off season.
And got even more loves!

And then we cried lots when we had to say goodbye. And waved to every airplane in the sky.

But Camden told me "it's otay Mama cause Nanny be right back so so soon".

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where's that manual?

I know I'm not the only one that thinks Sundays are hard days. But as I got my kids ready to head back to the church for a fireside tonight I couldn't help but think, how will we every make it? Where is that parenting manual when you need it?

Sacrament is pure torture, I don't get a thing out of it!
What toys are appropriate for church?
What activities are appropriate to keep two boys entertained and confined to your bench?
Should I get on Camden's case about closing his eyes during the prayers; cause lets be honest, mine aren't.
Why does he always have to go poop during Sacrament? And how does it magically disappears before we get to the toilet?
Are treats really necessary at 9:30 in the morning, or are you just trying to keep him quite so you don't have to spend another Sunday in the hall?
How do I find composure to stay when I've been kicked in the face three times and I'm standing outside the classroom I've locked him in screaming while in timeout?
Do I leave him in nursery crying hysterically for the leaders to deal with, or do I cave and let him come with me?
Is it too much to expect them to sit through 30 more minutes after they have already been to 3 hours, so I can attend my meetings after the block?
Can I force them to fall asleep so we can get back to the church at 6pm for a fireside?
When we are at the said fireside is it appropriate to bring a picnic dinner?
When they are acting up during the 5th hour of church that day, can I really be mad?
Who will watch them on Sundays when both Dan and I work?
Will both of us always have to work Sundays?

My list could go on and on, it simply exhausts me. I'm officially burnt out on Sundays. I know deep down this is what we are supposed to do, but most days it feels like torture. I know this is how you teach by example. But what kind of example am I being when I'm at my wits end? Am I spending too much time fulfilling my calling? Will my children appreciate the sacrifices they/we make in order to serve? Will this all be worth it?

I know the answers to most of these questions, and the rest I'm sure I'll figure out. But it doesn't make these days any less exhausting! I. NEED. TO. GO. TO. BED.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Green

Did you know the original color associated with St. Patrick's Day was blue?
Did you know the four leaves of the clover represent: faith, love, hope, and luck?
At our house we don't discriminate against holidays, we love them all. And so we celebrated this holiday all day long at our house!
We ate green food and by doing so found the one food Jace won't jello. We found a leprechaun's pot of gold. We drank (root)beer all day long. We colored shamrocks. And most importantly, we looked super cute in our green shirts!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sniff Sniff

Because I'm ready for another baby and Dan isn't, I thought I'd ease him into it by adopting this little man...
From none other than Joe himself
By going to this place
And doing this
And crying about this
all for this!

It's time he started seeing things. I can't protect his innocent little eyes from the harsh world anymore.

It's ok, you can start crying with me now. Just don't be mad at me like Dan is. Cause that's lame!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

This is by far my favorite picture ever!  It makes me laugh so hard I cry!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Confession Wednesday

I recently bought a membership at the gym and have started working out. Tonight while I was there I decided to go weigh myself on the scale locating in the locker room. This gym has three locker rooms all located in a row in the following order-unisex(I think they meant to call it "family"), men's, and women's. For some unknown reason I subconsciously pass the first locker room(unisex) thinking its men's and the second should be women's. Luckily the first time I tried walking in the men's room Hope stopped me. Unfortunately the second time she wasn't with me and I walked all the way in until I saw an older gentleman BUCK NAKED! I paused for a minute hoping that the naked body in front of me was just a really ugly woman. But I didn't have to think too long because the man started laughing hysterically at me when he saw the look on my face! I bolted!!!!

Oh man....what if I see him next time I go...or the college kid on the stair stepper laughing at me when I walked back out! This is why people don't buy gym memberships:)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Still Alive

Today was the big day...again. Camden got his second set of tubes placed.
We didn't have to arrive until 8:30am so thank goodness there were tons of things to distract him from wanting to eat and drink.
Last time we came to the surgery center it was under construction, and a little on the ghetto side. This time it was all new, and full of fun things...for both Dad and Camden!
Dr. Yin said Camden had a TON of fluid behind his right ear with some scarring from each time his drum has ruptured. He is hopeful once this fluid drains Camden will feel much better. We go in for another hearing test and follow up in one month. Camden was so brave and were glad he made it out alive!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Jace may be closer to 11 months but I thought I had better post his 9 month stats that were taken when he was 10 months. Make sense?
22lbs 7oz
29.5in tall
46.3cm head circumference
Just a BIG ball of love!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Crazy Monkey

We hopped all over an opportunity to go to the zoo for just $4! Luckily it was a deal that not everyone in the entire state got, so it wasn't crowded at all.
This was by far the best zoo experience I have every had. We went with a preschool class and the teacher was so awesome. She knew everything about every animal including their names and where they came from. So go ahead and quiz me, ask me why flamingos are pink. Cause I know. Maybe I should join that preschool class!
I'm not sure which is the better baboon.
But I'm sure this one is the best looking!
You always know when its time to leave the zoo. The whining begins and off we go for a nice long nap!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here We Go Again...

I guess you could say I'm back to blogging now that I'm sharing my dirty secrets.

I just spent the last hour on the phone setting up Camden's surgery(if you can really call it that) for Monday. He is getting his second set of tubes put in for those darn ear infections.

My conversation with the the pre-registration nurse was just about over before I started sobbing. She told me Camden was welcome to bring a favorite blanket or stuffed animal to go back into the OR with, and I lost it. I'm not too sure what came over me, his surgery is nothing major. He is a healthy 2 year old with oddly shaped ear canals.

Even though this will be his 3rd surgery, we don't spend much time in and out of the hospital and for that I'm grateful.

Who knows why I was so emotional...I'm sure chocolate will fix it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh Crap!

You know you've really let things go when your 2 year old tells you the toilet is "yucky" for the last 3 days as he sits down to use it.
I finally did something about it tonight after he said, "yuck, we need to clean that Mama".

Thanks for the reminder dude!