Friday, September 7, 2012


I meet a friend here in Idaho who is the master canner.  She loves to do it, she is good at doing it, and I trust what she does.  So I decided now is the time to learn. 
I know there are a lot of people who would teach me if I asked, including my mother.  But Stephanie loves to do it and I thought I should give it a whirl with someone who thinks it's fun and worthwhile.  So today I took her up on her offer to teach me and we started with pickles.

I felt domestic just buying 36 canning jars even though I didn't know a thing.

Here we are 5 hours later and I got myself 32 pounds of cucumbers turned into 33 quarts of canned dill pickles.  Viola, call me Martha.

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{amy k.} said...

yummmmmm! i don't think i've ever had homemade pickles, but i'm loving pickles these days! (as cliche as that is!) how cool to learn how to can them, i need to learn those skills!