Sunday, September 16, 2012

DAY 16

Camden has always loved to draw picture for his friends.  His most recent love is drawing them during church and giving it to his friends in class.  Last week he came home from class with a picture folded up all fancy.  I guess they had colored a picture during class and he asked his teacher if he could give it to Gavin who wasn't there that day.  She thought it was sweet of him so she folded it with a "pull" tab and showed him how to write "Gavin" on the front.  We dropped it off on the way home and Camden was beaming from ear to ear.

Fast forward to this week.  Camden came home from church beaming because Gavin drew a picture just for him.  He was so excited and felt pretty special.

I asked Camden who the people in the picture were.  He said, "oh that's me and my friends.  Gavin, Camden, Mason Blaser, and Dallin."

After seeing how thrilled Camden was to receive this picture, I realized I need to be more willing to let him give all his drawings away when he asks to.

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