Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Camden has talked about saving his money for a hot air balloon ride for a long time now.  I had the (not so) brilliant idea to secretly buy him a ride for his birthday.  Today was our third attempt because of poor weather to fly in the balloon.  And wouldn't you know we set the alarm wrong and just happened to wake up 2 minutes after we were supposed to be on the rode to our meeting place.  We threw on clothes, ripped the kids out of bed, and grabbed a pack of gum to combat morning breath.  Luckily the company we flew with was slow to start and we made it on time. 

And we actually got to fly today!  Wahoo!

After getting about 2 inches off the ground the pilot found something wrong with the "pockets" in the balloon.  Everyone had to get out while they deflated the balloon and we started all over.  It was an annoying process(kinda like this whole balloon ride experience) but we finally made it.

In order for Camden to get to school on time, I followed the balloon to have my car near the landing.  Every stop light we hit I would stick my head out, snap a picture and wave like crazy hoping Camden would see us.

They were about to land in the school yard until they realized school was starting in less than an hour which meant traffic.  So they headed for a nearby neighborhood.

The landing was a little rocky but they survived.

Jace was my right hand man.  He was in charge of telling me where the "Captain America" balloon was at all times.  Good thing I had him or we probably would have never found them(wink wink).

The balloon landed right in front of this ladies house and she was all over it.  She was filming and snapping pictures like crazy, it was hilarious.

Today was the perfect day to fly because Camden was able to take his certificate to show and tell which also happened to be today!  He was so proud of his certificate and tried hard not to smile when he talked about the ride.

Happy late birthday Camden, we hope we made your wildest dreams come true!


{amy k.} said...

that is so exciting for him! what a fun experience! sounds like it took some time to get there, but i bet it's something he'll never forget!

Tawnya said...

What an original birthday idea. I love it!