Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm not sure if it's motherhood, maturity, hormones, or age that bring me to so much reflection as of lately. Whatever it's happening and I can't stop it. Along with all this reflection comes one big emotional mess.

A few weeks ago a friend invited me to join a group of her friend's for lunch and an Easter Egg hunt with the kids. I jumped at the chance to enjoy yummy food and let my kids run around. I was excited for them to use some of their energy in hopes for an awesome afternoon nap. But what I got was so much more.

All of us compiled our eggs together and a few moms hid them in the grass before the hunt began. Shortly thereafter the madness was in full force. Someone said go and the children darted for their eggs. Camden is at the age where he can fen for himself at these sort of activities, so he was doing his thing. Jace was in heaven with so much space to crawl around, he was all over the place. I was enjoying being outside and not having to entertain anyone or clean up any mess being made.
Just as I thought I was enjoying myself I noticed one of the mother's struggling to make her way to the grass. She recently lost her vision and from what I could tell, was a bit unsure of making her way around. She was no where near her children, and as I approached her to take her hand and show her where they were; I noticed her whispering words of encouragement to them. She was trying so hard to take part and be involved in what they were doing, even though she could not physically see them.

I was overcome with emotion and had to walk away(hide behind my car). I had a serious "ah-ha" moment. My so called pleasure was and unimaginable pain for that other mother. How selfish of me to not soak up these memories and be more involved in what is going on right now.
So lucky for my kids(okay, and me) we've been enjoying life a little fuller. I've been running on the playground and going down the slides. Taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life that are right in front of my eyes!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Number 1

Jace decided it was time to grow up and have a birthday! This past year flew by quicker than I ever could've imagined.

Jace is such a good eater but he didn't do nearly what I had expected to his cake. I'm pretty sure he filled up on all the homemade mac and cheese not knowing what was coming right after.

He decided to take a few steps about a week ago and is gearing up and ready to walk. He stands by himself for long periods of time and is rather proud of that. He will take about 7-8 steps before falling on his face(he hasn't perfected the fall).

Jace is such a snuggle bug and a total comfort baby. I have learned the difference between a binkie baby and's incredible. With that darn thing constantly attached to his shirt he was always able to pacify himself. It was awesome! But I worried about how attached he was from day one. I had visions of finding binkie clips to match his first day of kindergarten outfit.

About 2 months ago he lost his last binkie at church and I never bought another. We just decided he could go with out and we'd see what happened. He slept like a champ that night, and that was all we needed for proof. But I will say he is definitely a different child now. He will let you know when he is upset. I often find him with the Mr. Potato head parts inserted in his mouth in exchange for the missing pacifier.

Along with the pacifier, he said goodbye to his bottle last night. Wish us luck!
He made it to his well visit check with Dr. Ciminello and got away with only 1 shot. He weighed in at a solid 24.3lbs(75%) and is 31 3/4in(95%) tall. I'm pretty sure his head shrunk with his last haircut as it measured 18.6in around.

Jace is such a joy and my love has definitely increased by leaps and bounds this last year because of him. He is the perfect little(not for long) brother for Camden and the best surprise I've ever had!

Thanks for having a birthday Jace Man. We love you!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

This Easter was sort of a bummer because I had to work.
Luckily Dan got it off and was able to take the boys on a little egg hunt in their cute new clothes!

While they were out having a blast I was on the 11th floor of the hospital freaking out when I felt the earthquake. Luckily it didn't last long and my panic attack was small:)

Happy Easter!