Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DAY 25

I went to breakfast this morning with 2 friends(and Jace), we called it visiting teaching.  At the end of our time together I think I might have agreed to take my husband salsa dancing next month.  Not sure how these two white kids are gonna pull that off, but at least it will make someone laugh!

Camden and Jace had a friend over to play and they convinced him to play outside in the sprinklers.  I'm not quite sure where this fascination for the sprinklers in the fall came from, but it's crazy.  They didn't last very long before we all headed to the garage for a popsicle.  It's fun for me to sit and hang with the kids while they have silly conversations with each other.  After their friend came out of the restroom he was trying to tell my kids that his "stool is funny looking like a person".  I was busting at the seams because Camden and Jace had no idea what he was talking about.  The only kind of stool they know is a bar stool.

After dropping Wes off at home we drove by the junior high school bus stop and saw 3 kids we knew.  It was fun to make their day by giving them a ride home.

As I put dinner in the oven the kids were restless and refusing to do anything I asked.  Camden was in tears over having to read, and Jace was doing the potty dance and refusing to use the toilet.  Luckily Dan walked in carrying an arm full of bubble wrap.

He saved the day.  The kids were in heaven.  What is it with that stuff that makes it so entertaining?

You bet your booty they popped every last bubble and were happy as could be.  Weird how that happens.

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