Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Yesterday as I headed out the door from work I stopped by the staffing office and made it known if they wanted to cancel any of my upcoming shifts, I wouldn't mind. That was the most brilliant plan I think I've ever come up with.

So when my phone rang this morning at 5am I couldn't help but beam with excitement. When the man on the other line told me I was cancelled, I'm pretty sure I told him that I loved him. Some might find that a bit creepy, but in that moment I really did love him!

Seeing how I wasn't planning on being home anyway, I didn't feel obligated to accomplish anything other than relaxing. Camden and I stayed in our pajamas for most of the morning and ate breakfast while laying on the couch. After waking up from naps we decided to head over to Dan's work and let Camden try out his new clubs.
I'm pretty sure this was a proud moment for Dan! He was so excited to see Camden hit a club other than the plastic ones from Walmart. Had we let him, Camden would have stayed out there for hours. I enjoyed just sitting on the chair watching.

Afterwords we headed to Dairy Queen for a treat and then found ourselves once again on the couch watching Shrek 2.

Today was a good day!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dan's Fault

***Disclaimer*** This is MY version of the story. Dan wanted me to note he DID NOT punch his kid in the face. Dan said the boxing was over at that point, Camden fell and hit his nose. But I have to admit it makes for a good story:)

Lately Camden has been obsessed with boxing. He will hold his fists up to his face and say "box". I'm not quite sure where he picked this up from, and I don't claim to understand it. I just chalk it up to being another boy thing.

So this morning as Camden and Dan were boxing I hear Camden start crying and Dan say, "you're okay get up". We like to practice tough love at our house:) The next thing I hear is, "Um Lissa, he has a bloody nose". I guess that's what happens when you mess with the big dawg!

The funniest part about the whole thing was Camden noticing the blood on his hand from wiping it, and he held it up to say "owie". His nose obviously didn't hurt that much but his poor hand was rather painful.
While we are blaiming things on Dan I might as well blame my clean fridge on him! Before leaving for work this morning he asked how I felt about "tackling parts of the house" when he got home from work.

You know you are 8 1/2 months pregnant and have lost all energy and will to clean the house when your husband notices and offers to help out. So being the good wife I am, I decided it was time I get something done.
It started with the fridge. And when I am in the mood to clean, I mean business. So this is what my refrigerator looks like at the moment, pretty empty I know. But it is definitely clean! I guess the grocery shopping will have to come tomorrow.

After feeling mighty accomplished I decided to take care of something else that has been bothering me, my walls! I got out the rubber gloves, bleach, and a rag, and went to town. I washed them from top to bottom until...

I had the bright idea to use our office chair in the bathroom to climb onto the counter. Let's just say my cleaning stopped there after I fell.

Note to self: don't try climbing on the wet bathroom counter when you are VERY pregnant. You will loose your balance and fall! Leave the wall washing to the professionals!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Latest Obsession

I know, I know, enough of the sleeping pictures already. As I was "organizing" the pictures on our computer I noticed almost every picture I've taken in March has been of Camden sleeping. Do you think it's become an obsession of mine lately? Oh well it's what we've been working on, so be it!

This picture I took tonight is priceless to me in so many ways:

1st- This past week Camden has not even sat on, let alone laid down in his bed after bath time because he knew what would come next.

2nd- He didn't move an inch from where I left him after reading bedtime stories. Never mind me lying, telling him I needed to go potty and that I'd be back in a minute.

3rd- The book in his hand has been his FAVORITE book since the beginning of time.

4th- Baby Eddie looks to comfy sleeping next to him.

5th- The way his hand is strategically placed on his belly. You can always tell he's tired when he rubs his belly button.

6th- He's got his, as well as my favorite "blank" that his Nanny B made him.

7th- He didn't even cry tonight when I shut his door.

Sleep tight little guy, I love you!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Don't Wanna Grow Up

Normally I would consider myself a "my way or the highway" kind of a parent. I'm not saying that it's the best way or the worst way, but it's just been my kind of way. And for some reason lately I have noticed myself starting to feel a little sorry for my boy who is going to have his world rocked in just a few short weeks! I wonder how my parenting style will change.

As we were getting Camden ready for bed tonight he was reaching for his crib. I tried not to get teary eyed when I told him he wouldn't be sleeping there, but instead in his "big boy bed". I seriously begged Dan to just let him sleep in the dang crib. Dan told me no and he would hold the door again because it needed to be done. Nights used to be such a joy for all of us, Camden loved them and so did we. He would cuddle right up as soon as we laid him down and snooze the night away.

So as I sit here with tears rolling down my face being the drama queen I'm known to be. I ask myself, why does he have to grow up so fast? Why can't the poor kid just sleep where he wants to sleep? Why can't the baby sleep in my room? I need to be fine just ignoring his every squeak; afterall, it's me or Camden that will need to do the ignoring(man I'm selfish). Why can't he have treats for breakfast? I eat my rootbeer floats in the morning when I want them. Am I too hard on him about things that don't matter THAT much?

PS. It has only been 12 minutes and Camden has stopped crying and is out cold in his bed of all places, but I will continue on with my pity party.

I'm pretty sure the exhaustion of being 8 months pregnant and the hormonal surge that comes with it is just catching up to me, but it's hitting me hard. I can't wait for what those joyous postpartum "surges" will bring if I'm already a mess. Oh the things we do!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

If There's A Will, There's A Way

As I mentioned before, we have been trying to transition Camden into a toddler bed before this next one arrives. It hasn't been going so well.

So tonight was the night Dan mustered up the will power to hold the door shut until Camden decided he was tired enough to fall asleep. After nearly one hour of crying and pounding at the door; we heard complete silence. We both breathed a sigh of relief thinking the hardest part was done. The first night would be the worst, right?

We let him sink into a deep sleep before entering the war zone to see where he made his final resting place. His room is not that big, but when I walked in he was no where to be found. I even opened the closet door thinking he might have gone in there. Where was he you asked?
In his crib! With his pillow, sippy cup, and blanket of course! If there's a will, there's a way!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Is This Real?

This. Makes. Me. Sick.

Just to name a few reasons why:
  • Who can give birth to a child in an airplane bathroom?
  • Who can give birth to a child in an airplane bathroom with nobody knowing?
  • Who can give birth to a child in an airplane bathroom with nobody knowing, then put that child in the garbage can?
  • Who the heck reunited that woman with the child?

Please tell me this isn't real? I am sick to my stomach.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The word sleep is a very sensitive one at our house lately. For the past month Camden has decided he doesn't care for much of it anymore. This causes a problem with an eight month pregnant Mama and a Dad who gets up early for work! The level of patience in our house is nearly non existent!

The other night Camden decided he wanted to be up every two hours and then up for good at 6am. And a few hours later, for the first time in history I found him dead asleep on the couch. I set him there to watch cartoons while I got ready because he was in need of constant entertainment. When I noticed he was rather quiet I peeked in on him and found this, I about died. I guess he will sleep if he is tired enough! Too bad I couldn't curl up on the couch a fall asleep myself.

Seeing how none of us were getting sleep anyway, we decided we might as well transition him into a toddler bed. He will sit on the bed during the day to read books and acts like he enjoys it. But as soon as he lays there for a nap or night, he hates it. We have tried letting him fall asleep in his crib and then moving him to the bed. But if he wakes up in the night he won't go back to sleep unless he's in his crib. This is a joke. I'm not sure how it will ever work out!

So needless to say we have been seeing a lot more of this...
and this on the couch lately! Who needs sleep anyway?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Better Believe It

If you didn't already know this about me, you will now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE little boys in hats!

And if you didn't already know this about me, you will now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to win things!

And if you wanna know something else about me. I won my first blog give away! It is this adorable pub hat from Knuckleheads. Check 'em out, their clothes freakin' rock!

(if I was nice I would've linked all of you to the giveaway on their blog, but I didn't want to ruin my chances at winning. I'm so glad I wasn't nice!)