Monday, October 26, 2009


This past month has flown by as I've been busy with different things for my calling in Young Women's. We just recently had our Evening of Excellence.

Seeing how I'm pretty good about stalking other YW leaders blogs for ideas, I thought I'd be nice and share what we came up with(it is a compilation of a few different ideas).

The theme was "Seeds of Excellence". About a month before the event we gave each of the girls their own terracotta pot with a letter describing how they were to present what they worked on this past year. We asked that they come up with one project or value experience they had completed and decorate their pot to represent that.

At one point during the program they each came up to present their finished pots. They all planted seeds in different YW values and it was evident they were proud of their accomplishments.

I'm all about simplifying! The girls pots were the decorations, I asked other people to speak, and Basha's made these awesome sugar cookies to go milk for refreshments. I think it was a success!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Craziest Place On Earth

If you know me at all, you know going to Costco on a Saturday(or any day for that matter) gives me anxiety.  So you can only imagine my feelings when we were asked(if you can call it asking) to go to Disneyland with our pals. But thanks to a little blue "thing" I now call "my friend"(wink wink), I was able to make it through two days off the craziest place on Earth, and actually enjoy myself.

Camden was in heaven! Disneyland was truly magically though his eyes!

Constant entertainment, good food/treats, and even better friends!

Even Jace,teething and cursed with the yucky croup, enjoyed himself!

The highlight of our trip had to be when Camden met Minnie Mouse.  He was ecstatic, and still talks about that hug.  I'm pretty sure he has a crush!

Not only did Ya Ya make this trip possible for us, she hooked us up with tickets to the Trick or Treat party after the park closed. 

We had a blast you guys, thanks for the invite!