Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This past weekend we took a short trip to La Grande, Oregon to visit Dan's brother and his family.  A few years ago they moved from Utah to a small little town on a bunch of property.  They bought cows and chickens and joke about being "country bumpkins".  Lucky for us (not so much for them), the trip is only 3 hours away and a beautiful drive .  We had so much fun, we are already planning our next visit.

While we were there, Camden and Jace were taught the 5 important rules of guns.  After they understood and could recite all the rules, Uncle Bud helped them shoot for the very first time.  They started with a BB gun, and then a 22.

I'm not much of a gun person, but the way Bud addressed what we were doing calmed my nerves.  He told me kids are curious and guns are no exception to that curiosity.  So introducing kids(or adults) to guns safely, eases the curiosity and instills the appropriate amount of fear.

Let's see if I can remember the 5 rules:

1. Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.
2. Never point your gun at anything other than a target.
3. Everyone must be behind the line of fire.
4. Be aware of your back drop.
5. The gun is ALWAYS loaded to destroy.

Bud was positive the kids would enjoy shooting the "smaller" guns.  He said once they saw and heard Dan and I shoot the big guns, they would be too scared to shoot anything bigger.  I wasn't really convinced.  I thought Jace would never be too scared.  But sure enough after I shot the AR 15 even Jace was apprehensive.

After we finished shooting, we hopped on the four wheeler's and took a trip up the mountain to see their cabin.  It is a work in progress but gonna be such a treat for their family to enjoy.  The property it sits on is beyond beautiful!  It is close enough to home but it feels like you are so removed, what an escape.

We attempted to race boats in the pond, and watched the dog enjoy the freezing cold water.  Then we just hung out, enjoyed a snack and a soda before we headed back to go fishing in their Grandma Marie's pond.

My kids were in heaven being with their cousins for so long.  Brixtin and Brian were such good sports to constantly entertain them.

There were several rounds of badminton, some serious rounds of Monopoly Deal, lots of yummy food, the perfect company, and the most beautiful views.

While on my morning run I so much enjoyed the scenery.  I had to stop several times to take pictures.

The weather was perfect and you could see green farmland for miles.

I was loving all of the adorable barns, wishing my kids would sit still for 5 minutes so I could prop them up for a picture.  But obviously they were too busy having fun so I didn't make them agree to a photo shoot.

Although our trip was short, we had a blast and are so grateful we got to enjoy Oregon with our family.

Thanks for a beautifully fun weekend Bud and Kris.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jace is "Free"

Last night as I kissed my 2 year old Jace goodnight I wanted time to freeze.  For some reason I have dreaded letting my baby turn 3.  I don't remember feeling that way with Camden.  Luckily I'm not the person in charge of deciding whether or not kids can have birthdays, so 3 he turned today.

He woke up to birthday blocks on the kitchen table and presents strategically placed over the Happy Birthday banner which hung on the fireplace.  He kept asking if it was a birthday for him.  He just couldn't believe it was finally his day!

He always begs to eat a "hambooger inside the store", so after story time at the library we did just that.  He was so glad Wendy's remembered his birthday and gave him "rock 'em, sock 'em" finger puppets with his lunch.

His friend Cole dropped off his first gift of the day while we were out to lunch.  A few minutes after that, Miss Memzelle stopped by with a gift because she heard it was his day.

We went for a walk to the park and when we got home all the Blodgett kids came over, each with their own present for Jace.  We sat out on the grass while he loved every second of his own impromptu surprise birthday party.

After we all enjoyed a dinner of "sticky mac and cheese"(homemade macaroni and cheese) with green beans covered in tomato sauce, it was finally time to open more gifts.  He was so excited to open the gifts he had to look at all day without touching, he wouldn't even allow his face to be washed.

This year, like always, he was spoiled with birthday love.  His big gift this year was a new bike and Astro Boy helmet.

And his birthday treat of choice was a box of superhero popsicles.  I love the simplicity of a child.

Jace is my sweaty snuggle bug who wants things his way.  He is loving and kind but packs a mean punch.  He is strong willed and passionate.  Astro Boy is his all time favorite.  Whenever he thinks he is in trouble, he will rub my face and pull me in for a hug.  He is wise beyond his years and doesn't have much fear.  He doesn't like the wind and loves to sleep in late.  He doesn't care for breakfast but eats dinner like a champ. He could watch golf on TV for days and thinks kids his age are "babies". He hates being buckled in his car seat and is particular about what he wears.  He is my sweetest surprise and adds a huge amount of love and laughter to our family.  Happy birthday shark bait, we are grateful to celebrate you today and everyday!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I was a little more prepared for Easter this year than I was last.  We started early and I tried talking to my kids about why we celebrate Easter.  I wanted them to appreciate the holiday with a greater respect for our Savior.  After explaining the Resurrection to Camden, I asked him to tell me what it meant in his own words.  "Oh ya, it's like when Mario dies and you use a star, he comes back to life".  Talk about a proud mommy moment; knowing he understood the gospel because I let him play Wii.  

So we switched gears a bit and did the egg thing.  But anytime I use vinegar in a recipe Camden turns his nose up.  So I was not looking forward to dodging complaints while trying to do something fun with my kids. When my mom found a magazine article about dyeing eggs using kool-aid, I knew we had to give it a shot.

It was cheap, made a ton, smelled great, and the colors were even better than the box kits.  We are definitely using this method next year.

Camden and Jace couldn't believe how a white crayon could make "magic eggs".  Maybe I should remember this trick for random days when my kids are bored and needing some entertainment.

And of course, Easter isn't complete without new church clothes and a visit from the Easter Bunny.  After church, we stopped by Dan's work for a visit and the Easter Bunny just happened to be there.  It was a beautiful day and nice to reflect on our Savior.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Camden had kindergarten registration today.  This whole signing up for school has been more of a process than I anticipated.  I guess I had in my mind how things would go and it simply wasn't like that. Isn't that how it always is?

There are a ton of schools to choose from around here.  Several of them are public charter schools that you need to apply and be accepted before attending.  Everyone talks about why each school is better and why they chose to send their kids where they did.  I asked several people and everyone seemed to have different opinions, which I guess started my frustration about picking where to send Camden.  I wanted someone to tell me what to do.  I thought you received a letter in the mail telling you when and where to send your kid for kindergarten.  I was dead wrong.

After making the decision to send Camden to school this year instead of next; I decided to go see the different schools for myself to form my own opinion.  The first magnet charter school I went to let me walk around, I asked questions, and they had a few answers for me.  Not super knowledgeable staff but friendly enough.  The next school, which was just across the street, told me they are unique from other schools in the area because they use the Harbor Method.  Not knowing what that was I asked if she could explain.  I wasn't very impressed when she herself couldn't explain what she had just told me made their school unique.  Trying to look past her lack of knowledge I continued with my questions.  During this time I saw a cute little boy come into the office not feeling well.  The other office staff member briefly touched his forehead and said, "call your mom".  When the little boy (who couldn't be older than 7) tried dialing his mom using a phone with several lines, he asked for help.  The same woman who "felt" his forehead got her panties all in a bunch because he couldn't figure it out.  I fought back the urge to stick up for the poor little guy and continued on chatting.  The secretary was clearly bothered by my "first time mom-ness" and tried to get on with her responsibilities.

I felt even more confused about what to do than before I had visited any schools.  I filled out the applications  and tried not to be offended when one secretary asked how I manage to live without owning my own home.  A few days later I was flipping through the free city magazine and saw a listing for kindergarten orientation.  It was at another school I hadn't yet visited and wanted to know what it was all about.  I called, the principal answered, he told me everything I needed to know and then asked if I had any questions.  He reminded me Camden was invited and said, "see ya Thursday".

During orientation they talked with the parents while the children went and visited several different classes.  Camden was extremely fearful about being left alone, but I asked him to be brave and he did just that.  On the way out the door, the principal called him by name and gave Camden a high five.  When we got in the car Camden asked when he could go back to school.  I felt good about it and so did he. 

After talking with Dan we decided to go ahead and get him registered.  I called the secretary who was beyond helpful and kind, she made me an appointment and we waited for our day. 

Today was that much anticipated day.  We were greeted, turned in our paperwork, and Camden was tested.  He knew everything they asked but needed help with the color gray, and differentiating between the letter U and V.  We will be notified sometime in the next month whether he will attend am or pm classes.  It feels good to have this decision behind us and get ready to embrace what's up ahead.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Having good friends is key in my life.  And of course it helps when they plan fun birthday surprise visits where I'm the surprise.  Spencer and Hope made all the arrangements and Tiffani was completely surprised.

We did normal, everyday things, and I pretended I still lived down the street.  We stayed up late, ate lots of yummy food, saw old friends, and enjoyed hanging out.  Thanks for the fun memories!