Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Very Next Day

This past winter I bragged about how beautiful it is in Arizona.  I have come to appreciate being able to eat outside on Thanksgiving, and ride your new bike on Christmas morning.  The sunset and sunrise is un-like any other.  Shopping is available on every single corner.  Good food is at your finger tips.  Friends come from all walks of life.  Arizona has made it's mark on me.

Dan and I moved here 5.5 years ago and were adamant we would be here only 2.  But after Dan graduated and had a job here, the move didn't happen as planned.  My hopes were high that our move back to family would happen sooner than later.

Not last weekend but the weekend before, I gave up my controlling issues about where we were going to live to someone greater than myself.  I cleaned out our storage unit and finally threw away the last of the moving boxes and 2 huge boxes of moving blankets.  Dan questioned why I was throwing them away.  My reply was simple, "We are stuck here!  We've held on to these things for 5 1/2yrs anticipating a move, we aren't moving anytime soon."  And to be perfectly honest, I was ok with that for probably the first time in a LONG time.

That very evening of my cleaning escapade, Dan had a phone interview with a company in Idaho. Out of disappointment I have learned to train myself not to get my hopes up about any job interview he has.  So clearly I didn't think anything of this interview until they called and offered him the position the very next day.

We had a couple days to iron out details and get all of the information from this company.  After much prayer we made our decision.  He accepted the job and we will be moving.  We found out this week he is to start the middle of April.

Several doctors appointments, an assignment to speak in church, a graduation to attend, farewells to be made, a week without Dan, tests to be taken, finances to be figured, a place to live, and lots of packing, are just a few of the things we hope to accomplish before we leave.

This opportunity may not have happened exactly how we had envisioned.  But it is one were are definitely grateful for and one that gives us hope for a brighter future.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Things are brewing around these parts.  We celebrated with sparklers!
Maybe my kids will forgive me for completely forgetting about St. Patrick's day tomorrow because we played with fire.
Here's to hoping they won't get pinched ALL day tomorrow because my mind is elsewhere and they won't have a fun St. Patty's day shirt.