Saturday, September 22, 2012

DAY 22

Shoot!  I didn't take any pictures today.

Camden had an early soccer game.  It was cold and the other team was aggressive.  Camden scored 2 goals and was pretty proud.  Dan promised him a dollar for every time he scored, looks like the bribing worked.

After the game we stopped by for a hair cut.  Jace's hair dresser asked him why he allowed his mom to glue fake eyelashes on him.  Jace didn't see the humor in his comment and decided not to pay any attention to the hair dresser from then on out.  Everyone thought it was funny!

We vacuumed the car out and Camden refused to help.  Of course the very minute Jace got the vacuum Camden was in tears.  It wasn't fair Jace got to help and he didn't.

We've had several meltdowns today.  I've lost my temper a bunch.  Camden threw up because "mom made him eat too much".  We enjoyed a trip to Coldstone.  And now I'm beyond exhausted, falling asleep as I type.  Better end it now.

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