Thursday, September 6, 2012


These are the things I wanna remember.  The memories of today are why I love doing "30 Days Hath September".  And why I love being a mom.

Camden woke up asking if I could just drop him of at school instead of walking him to the playground and waiting for the bell to ring.  I was secretly hoping he would change his mind, but he never did.  I dropped him off with all the other moms in the roundabout and watched him walk away.  Instead of leaving the parking lot I pulled into a spot to park.  I wanted so badly to sneak and hide behind the dumpster where he couldn't see me to make sure he got to class ok.  I thought about it for a second before putting the car in reverse.  I fought the urge to keep a bubble around him and drove away with Jace.  I'm still not sure why this is so emotional for me.  He is only gone for 3 short hours.  But I think today was a big step.

Jace and I ran a couple errands together, just the two of us.  I stopped for a drink at the gas station and gladly brought him in with me.  One kid is a breeze.  I even bought him a strawberry milk because I was feeling all sentimental.  When we got to the bread store the man behind the counter commented on Jace's shoes.  When asked why he had two different shoes on he said, "Camden dared me to and I get a treat when he comes home from school".  Hilarious!

I asked Jace if he would promise me to never grow up and go to school.  He told me he would be my friend until he turned 5, and then I will cry until he comes home from kindergarten.  So true!

Jace was extra lovey and I took full advantage.  His latest obsession is giving butterfly kisses.  He laughs hysterically.

And these last two pictures are typical Jace faces that I adore!  He was all over the photo shoot today.

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Tawnya said...

Oh my gosh, Jace is such a perfect mix of you and Dan.