Friday, June 27, 2008


My very talented and amazing personal photographer(aka brother), snapped these for us while we were in Utah last month. Here are some of my favorites.
I can't believe how much he has changed in one month!
I got this one blown up and printed on stretched canvas. I love it in my living room, it is so fun.
Thanks Chadly, you are the best!

Do Me A Favor

My hilarious brother in law is trying to win Hannah Mantana tickets for his two girls. Follow this link and vote for him.

Not every Dad would dress up as scandalis as this for his girls. I think it's kinda sweet!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Dear Uncle Jim, Aunt Natalie, Rylan, Dylan and Savannah...

Thank you for the cool box you sent me for my birthday. It came in the mail today and I played in it for a good hour. My mom was able to accomplish a lot while I was pre-occupied.

Oh..and thank you for the AWESOME bubble machine. "Bub bas" are one of my very favorite things. My parents read me a book about them at least once a day, now I can play in the bubbles while they read.

I have never seen a puzzle before, but I quickly fell in love. I also learned that I can throw the puzzle pieces at the dog and it makes her bark.

Thank you for sending me such a fun birthday package.

Love, Camden

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

1 Year

Today was vaccination day for Camden and as you can tell he wasn't real happy. Dan had the day off and my work ended up canceling my shift, so we both went and I was able to capture this priceless picture.
Isn't this picture awesome? It melts my heart! I love that Dan is trying to console Camden while he gives the nurse the third degree for poking him in the legs.

Today Camden weighed in at 22.2lbs(40%), and is 30.8in(79%) tall. His head is still measuring large in order to hold his massive brain that will make us all rich someday; it is 19in(92%) around, and looks cuter than ever.

As of lately, these are the things he is up to:
  • standing on his own and thinking he is so cool
  • eating enough finger food to feed all of China, lately his favorite things are peas and cucumbers. He has also shown an interest in feeding himself with a spoon
  • saying "mama", "dada", "ah oh"(he loves to drop things on purpose just to say this), "mmm" whenever you give him food(thanks to his Aunt Cassi for starting this), "bub ba" this means bubbles, which he learned from his favorite book about the tub
  • after someone says, "who's big?" or "I'm so big" he raises his arm to the sky and smiles a huge cheeser
  • every morning when I get him from his crib, he pats the top of the crib indicating for Chewie(the dog) to come up and say hi. I did this one time and he caught on so quick
  • head butting, hitting, and throwing tantrums(especially when he wants your cell phone)
  • drinking from a straw
  • for the most part follows commands like "come here", or "go get your train"
  • waking up between 5 and 5:30am
  • talks up a storm using his gibberish
  • loves other children and would play all day with them if he could
  • LOVES to throw things, and is fascinated with balls
  • enjoys playing peek-a-boo, itsy bitsy spider, patty cake, and reading books

His intense little personality has definitely come out and we love him more everyday. Even though he is a handful at this stage, I am trying to savor it because each phase passes so quickly.

On Vacation

This past week my sister Carly came to visit. Not only because I am her favorite sister, but because Camden is her favorite Nephew and she can't stand not seeing us everyday. We had so much fun together. We stayed up late(late for Dan and I, probably not that late for her), danced around the living room, yelled loud, and drove Dan nuts. Thank goodness Dan was such a good sport because I'm pretty sure we got rather obnoxious at times.
She flew in on Camden's birthday so she could help us celebrate and spoil him to no end.
We ate until we couldn't eat anymore, and we shopped until the funds ran out.
We made a mess baking things and eating most of it before we finished.
She was constant entertainment for Camden and even babysat for us while both Dan and I had to work.
She was so much fun to have around and we miss her already. Thanks for visiting Carly, we love you!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Happy Birthday Little Man!

Has it really been an entire year? I seriously cannot believe it! Today we celebrated Camden style. Chicken nuggets for lunch, Mac n' Cheese for dinner, and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. It was a fun day with lots of spoiling. Thanks for having a birthday Camden. We love you!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Day To Me

After a shopping spree at Nordstrom's, Dan bought me a half a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes.
Mmm...I love birthdays!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Who Woulda Thunk?

Walmart is one of those necessary evils in my life, and I hate it. Every time I am there I turn into someone I'm really not; and today was no different. To make this trip fairly painless, I ran in the store for one thing and only one thing(yes I came out with 4 things). And while I was there picking up my ONE item, I looked down and noticed my son had somehow managed to get his foot stuck in between the two narrow bars on the shopping cart. He must be some sort of contortionist because I, for the life of me, could not get it out. His ankle bone was two wide and every time I tried to maneuver it he would scream bloody murder. After a few tries by myself in the birthday supply isle, I headed towards customer service. Because I KNEW the trip inside was going to be a quick one I left my diaper bag, equipped with lotion, in the car. So when I arrived at customer service I asked the very intelligent cashier for some lotion. Seeing the puzzled look on her face I told her that my sons foot was stuck in the cart and I need to lube it up. She took it upon herself to panic loud enough so other inquiring Walmart minds could get involved. (PAUSE: Am I a bad mom if during all of this I was thinking about running out to my car for my camera?) As if Miss Panic Attack wasn't enough, one lady kept rubbing my back saying, "Oh my, you must be a mess. Don't panic, it's okay". (PAUSE: Just to get things straight...I was not having a panic attack about my child's foot, but I was beginning to have one from all of the people touching us, and being up in our business. I just wanted to tell all of them to back off.)

Needless to say, I finally got some lotion and his little foot slid right out.

Who woulda thunk your kids foot could get stuck in the cart and cause such commotion at Walmart?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gotta Get Out

I don't know what my deal is lately! I always feel the need to get out of the house and go do something. It's like I need a dose of fresh air everyday or I go insane. So as I watched the news this morning and saw the high today would only be in the 90's, I jumped at the idea of going to the park.
It was a perfect day to sit in the shade and feed the ducks. UNTIL....the other children around us noticed we were getting all the attention from the birds, and decided to join us to steal our bread. I seriously wanted to drop kick the little girl that swiped the chunk of bread right out of Camden's hand. Next time I will bring an entire loaf instead of a few slices to spread the wealth.
Every time I put him in his stroller he seems to kick his feet back and relax. He cracks me up sitting there just chillin'.

A hour at the park is plenty of time for me, apparently Camden didn't feel the same. He cried the entire ride home.