Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Dan had the day off today so it was fun taking Camden to school together.  When I asked Camden if he wanted us to drop him off at the curb or walk him to the door, he initially answered with a "drop off".  But after I agreed he changed his reply to, "I want Jace to come play on the toys with me".  He didn't have to say it twice.  I was thrilled he was still ok with us going with him.  He was a little more sure of the routine today because as soon as the bell rang he darted to his classroom door.  It made my heart pitter patter as he approached the door he turned around and gave a big wave.  I'm so proud of his courage.
Our car has been in need of tires for a little while now.  I've been avoiding it because I hate discussing money.  Unfortunately we got a nail in our tire on the way home from Utah and the need became urgent. I may or may not have freaked when I asked Dan the price of the tire he researched out.  I'm just putting it out there that I'll probably never forgive him for buying custom wheels for my car.  And in return, he can never forgive me for buying cute colored straws that I really don't need but I sure wanted!  Fair enough?

Trying to redeem himself he occupied his time hand washing the car with the boys.  I can appreciate a clean car.


Amee said...

I really do hate tires. They are so expensive and for the stupid car. :) Aaron and I have similar agreements, I'm mad at something and he agrees to be mad at something else and we call it fair.


Price of tires vs cute little colored straws..hardly comparable! But don't worry i'm Dan in my relationship..always trying to explain my purchases!!!

Cody McWilliams said...

Dan and his "cool" rims:)