Monday, September 3, 2012


Today we spent the day at Lake Lowell.  The parking lot was packed but not a soul on the lake.  The water was like glass.  It was a perfect water for wake boarding!

Camden was "willing" to ride the tube if Dad came with him and I drove the boat.  Luckily for the safety of all of us, he agreed to let Papa drive the boat as long as he didn't go too fast.

September is a little late in the game for this old body to take a dip in the cold water, so I opted for being the official sandwich maker and kid hugger.  It was the perfect job!

Jace Man's hair was killing me, there is nothing better than fluffy boating hair(and the cute glasses)!

Uncle Caleb was once again the show stopper busting out all the craziness.  Today he even attempted to get up on his skateboard in the water, it was hilarious.

We are so lucky to have the nicest Papa in the world who is always willing to take us out on the lake.


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