Saturday, September 8, 2012


Today we got to watch and participate in the the first ever Red Soccer Snakes game.  Camden's team was so excited to play their first game and Jace was just as excited to be the official snack bag holder.

We arrived about 30 minutes before the game started and Camden kept asking when it was his turn to play. It felt like the worlds longest 30 minutes for both of us.

Camden is thrilled beyond words to be part of a team and asked me if I would take of picture of him with his "buddy" Graham.

When Camden took his turn to sit out he started a chant with his other team mates.  "Go Snakes go!  Go Snakes go!"  It was pretty funny to see them getting into it.  So when it was his turn to play in the game, he was so worried about wanting Jace to start the cheer, he forgot to play soccer. 

After baths tonight Camden's job was to work on his homework.  Seeing how it isn't due until Wednesday, I told him he only had to do half of it tonight.  He took it very seriously and insisted on completing both sides tonight.  He was very proud and wanted to explain everything he was doing to Jace.  I'm glad he was more willing to do homework tonight because he cried buckets the first time I asked.

Jace's job tonight was to hand out licorice and entertain.  He did an incredible job at both.  Should I care that the boys ate a handful of licorice right before bedtime?  Cause I don't.  Oh and they had a peach milkshake with dinner too.  Whoops!

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