Thursday, August 28, 2008


There are lots of changes happening around here! Dan just got offered another job and will be starting next week. Along with this change comes both excitement for all the new stuff that lies ahead as well as a little nervousness for the unknown. We are both thrilled that his drive time to work will be cut down tremendously. No more getting up at 230 in the morning to be at work or waiting for him to get home after 9pm.

Because I didn't want Dan receiving all the attention for a new job, I decided to go back to work full time. Not really, but the benefits my work offer are hard to beat. So I too will be going back three days a week(12hr shifts). Not the most exciting change, but change nonetheless.

And while these changes were going on my Dad decided he was going to accept a job offer in Idaho. Not to mention my sister just moved to New Hampshire. What the crap people? Didn't you know these changes were not in my plans! Just kidding I am excited for both of them. Maybe someday all of us will live in one state again.

(This picture has nothing to do with this post, just thought it would make this more interesting)

I'm not sure why I have always been a little resistant to change. For some reason change is hard for me to accept even when I willingly bring it on myself. So as you can imagine the stress level inside of me has reached boiling point and is probably driving everyone around me crazy, but what can you do? I sometimes feel like just when things are starting to become routine and normal, Heavenly Father throws a little curve ball to be sure you're awake. Instead of just accepting it and hitting the ball, I choose to take it in the gut. I guess this means I need more batting practice, dang it!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Star Wars vs Space Balls

Seeing how family time around our house is a rare thing to come by and is about to get even more crazy in the near future, we decided to have a family date night. Both Dan and I were home Saturday night and we still had several hours before Camden went to bed so we headed to the mall for dinner and to let Camden play in the water.
Once Camden was bored with the water we walked over to get dessert and saw a crowd of people and a bunch of commotion.
Yes my friends, the chaos was being caused by people dressed in Star Wars get up promoting the new cartoon. So of course we had to take a picture, and since Dan wouldn't be in it, you get to see yours truly and my funny smile because I was laughing so hard. Why was I laughing you ask. Because I know absolutely nothing about Star Wars, the closet thing I know to compare it to is Space Balls.
So to all you Star Wars fans out there(Aaron, Bonnie, Mike and Rebecca)...these pictures are for you!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

14 Months

As much as this kid tries my patience, I just can't seem to get enough of him lately. His quirky little smile and LONG eyelashes melt my heart. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. Everyday I tell myself I need to blog about the fun things he is doing and I just never seem to get around to it. So here goes nothing!

Over the last week or so he has been growing out of a second nap. So today I decided to bite the bullet and try one nap. Normally he goes to sleep at 10am but I was able to keep him up until 1130am today and he is currently sleeping. I am crossing my fingers that he sleeps for a solid three hours and can hold up until bedtime. We shall see!

He loves playing patty cake, especially the part when you help him clap his hands really fast while saying, "bake me a cake as fast as you can". He gets a kick out of his dad chasing him around the kitchen and jumping out around the corner to scare him. Both Camden and the dog have mastered playing tug-o-war with each other. He laughs hysterically when you grab his toes and say, "this little piggy...". He still loves to walk around the house whining, "mama mama". He can point to his "button" aka belly button, and loves to lift everyone else's shirt to find theirs. When you ask him what a cow says he says, "moo". When you ask him "where's your nose" he touches yours and waits for you to say, "beep beep".

Bam Bam is his new nickname. He always has a plastic golf club or bat in his hat and walks around hitting it on the floor, or couch, or the door, or himself, or us. He has a permanent bruise on his forehead from head butting everything. Instead of hearing him cry when he wakes up I will hear a pounding noise, as if someone were banging on the wall...but nope, its him pounding his head on the crib. He also loves to use our head or the back door for these same tension relieving methods. Speaking of tension, he won't stop grinding his teeth. It sounds like he has a rock in his mouth but nope, its just him grinding those eight pearly whites. Do you think my kid has anger issues?

He is becoming a little too independent for my liking. He loves to hold his own spoon to feed himself, only problem is he doesn't get much in his mouth that way. While walking if I try to hold his hand he will pull it away, as if to say "Mom, I don't need your help".

It is amazing how much he comprehends. When you ask him if he wants to go "night night" he blows you kisses and heads for his room, turns on the fan, and waits by the crib. I can ask him to go get something and he will(for the most part). He is one smart and stubborn little guy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Kid Will Never Do That

Once again I ate my "pre-child" words, "My kid will never do that" when I took Camden to play on the toys in the mall. I have justified this decision by saying they clean this playground daily(I watched them do it),as apposed to going to the park where the only thing cleaning those toys are the elements. And it is too dang hot to take my kid to the park, he would burn his rear going down the slide in this weather and I would melt sitting on the bench watching him.
So now that I have justified my actions I feel great about this new adventure and I'm sure we will be going back for more. Camden loved all the different toys and kids to run around with. Not to mention the fabulous nap he took after we got home.
On our way out of the mall we had to stop by the pet store to see the dogs. These two puppies were so playful and Camden would've sat there for hours watching them.
Thank you mall for being a getaway for both me and my child. I owe you, oh take all my money anyway, lets call it even!

Monday, August 11, 2008

We Love Company

This week has been packed with goodness! My sister as well as Dan's friend were both in town staying with us.We got a sitter one night and went to a Diamond Backs game. It was fun hanging out and acting like we were in Jr. High again.

The lighting in this picture is terrible, but the moment was hilarious(you had to be there). Dan and Tyson enjoyed hanging out with LeBron James during part of the Olympics.

Trying to get a picture with the two of them was like pulling teeth, they were never serious! I had to follow them out to the car and take this one through the windshield so they'd be close to each other. You know Dan is saying, "I'm sorry my wife is such a dork and has to have the camera on all the time". But I know he'll thank me later when he is old and gray, trying to convince our kids he once had friends.

We had so much fun lounging around, shopping, eating, taking naps, playing games, going to breakfast(and spilling my juice ALL OVER), and staying up too late. Thanks for visiting us you two, we had a blast!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Don't Be Jealous

Dan's good friend is in town visiting because he loves us, misses us, and wishes he lived closer to us.
So tonight we are hanging out eating watermelon and playing old school Nintendo games on the Wii. Okay mostly them, I am ready for bed, it is way past my bedtime!
What are you doing tonight? Don't be jealous if it's not as much fun as this!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Build A Bear

The other day Camden got a special package in the mail from Cynthia. She made him his very own "Tarzan" from Build A Bear. He absolutely loves this thing!!!
His new "trick" lately is giving kisses. Usually he will blow you a kiss but if he really likes you, you get an open mouth kiss. Looks like he really likes Tarzan.
The funny thing about Camden getting this stuffed animal with a BYU shirt on it, is that Dan has one with the same shirt on. One of these days I will get a picture of my boys and their bears!

Thanks Cynthia!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Let me just tell you how much I love this place! I like going in not knowing what I am going to cook, but instead decided when I get there based on what I see. Normally this is a major no no for me because I end up buying crap and nothing to make for dinner. But not here my friends!!! Because most of their products are fresh(hence the name) they have mark downs daily. Today I got a bunch of bananas for just 9 cents total. No they aren't green, but they are definitely edible and will be eaten in the next two days so why does it matter? I also purchased a bag of avocados for just 1 dollar. I would have paid that much for just one itty bitty avocado at Walmart. I got a whole ton of goodness, and on top it, got to use a coupon that comes weekly in the mail. This list could go on about my fantastic savings spree, but I will spare you the jealousy. Just know this: If you don't have one of these stores near you, I feel bad for you! And if you have one of these stores near you, go check it out! Oh and did I mention I will be feeding my family a meal tonight and tomorrow for right around 5 buckaroos!