Thursday, September 20, 2012

DAY 20

Today was a weird day.  The state of Idaho is on fire and the sky is smoggy and gray.  

I chose to sleep in for an hour today instead of walking.  It felt nice.  

I stopped at the gas station for gas and a soda with wet hair and Jace in jammies. 

I wanted to curl up and sit by a fire, but luckily I had a lunch date with a few friends.  We chatted while our kids ran wild in McDonald's play land.  It was nice to visit and I was reminded that life is fragile.

After coming home from McDonald's I tried reading with Camden.  He cried and told me he hates to read.  When I asked Dan to read with him, Camden did it with pleasure.  What the heck?

I always ask Jace if he will promise to never grow up and go to school.  I usually make a pretty good argument and he consents.  Today he begged me to let him have a birthday and turn 5.  He really wants to go to school like his brother.  I guess I'll let him continue having birthdays, but I won't be happy about it.

Jace carried around my old phone today calling his friends.  Every time I tried talking to him he said, "Mom you can't talk to me when I'm on the phone.  You have to wait until I'm done or it's not nice!".  Hmm, I wonder where he heard that?

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