Friday, September 28, 2012

DAY 28

Today was a stay home and get stuff done day.  I cleaned toilets, scrubbed floors, and mowed the lawn.

I'm convinced we have a swamp for a backyard.  Last week I found a toad, this week I found a snake.  Next week we are bound to find an alligator.

We had one of the neighbor kids over playing when I came in to get the boys to see the snake.  Their friend was freaked out, but Jace and Camden were convinced we have the best backyard ever.

Tonight I ordered pizza for dinner.  I paid for it over the phone and asked Dan to pick it up on his way home.  When he arrived, he had a totally different order in his hands than what I paid for. Leave it to me to make it known.  I immediately called Pizza Hut and they fixed our order.  Because of what happened, we got a free pizza and bread sticks tonight, as well as a credit for next time.  Totally worth the hassle of a mix up.

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Amy C said...

Every day in September, I thought I needed to come and comment, but never made it. I've had so much fun reading all your posts for September! BTW, I sure miss you being my VTing companion!