Monday, September 24, 2012

DAY 24

Today I had the opportunity to hang with a couple favorite friends.  Even though the circumstances weren't the greatest, we made it a party.  Every other week Janae receives a chemo treatment  which requires her to hang out in the hospital for roughly 7 hours.  Hanging out and chatting without any other responsibilities for that time was medicine for my soul.  I'm pretty sure I talked non stop the entire time and Janae would have rather slept, but she was a gracious host.  We laughed until our insides hurt, gagged at the smell of hospital food, and talked crazy talk.  It is heart breaking to watch a friend carry around such a huge burden and feel so helpless.  I am reminded that life is fragile and to enjoy the everyday tasks that I can accomplish with ease.  Hopefully "this too shall pass" quickly for her and her family.

The boys have been begging to play in the water.  Today they came out of their room with their swimsuits on rearing to go.  Even though it was freezing, they spent a solid hour enjoying the fun.  The sun had came out from behind the fog and smoke and it actually turned out being a beautiful day.

I ended up putting them in the bath after they came in because they were wet and cold.  Nothing like being ready for bed at 5pm.  

We ate dinner early and watched a movie together on the couch.

We talked about the importance of serving others and placed a treat on Uncle Caleb's pillow before headed off to bed.  I'm grateful for days like today.

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