Friday, August 31, 2012

Going Home

Unfortunately we couldn't stay in Utah very long.  But fortunately we got to do as much as we did with Dan's family.  It's not very often that so many of them are together all in the same place, so we took full advantage of it while we could.

After checking out of our hotel we needed to fill some time before meeting up with Dan's siblings for lunch. We a made a pit stop at the graves, then went with Dan down memory lane.

Either he was kind enough or I was convincing enough to get a picture of him at his old Elementary School.  The timing was perfect, seeing how Camden just started school he was somewhat interested to know Dad too went to Elementary.

I have heard many stories about the pink house on Galaxie Drive that he grew up in, so it was nice to check it out.  Dan was a little nervous about taking a picture here.  He thought for sure the people living there would come out and wonder what the heck we were doing.  I didn't care, in fact I was secretly hoping they would come out and invite us in for a tour(wink wink).

The boys(ok, me too) were getting a little restless as Dan reminisced about every bump in the street, basketball court he played on, field he burnt down, friend he lived by, and house that had been re-done.  So luckily it was time to meet up with his siblings for lunch.

We headed to Chili's where we took up an entire wing of the restaurant and loved every minute of it.  The few cousins that were there enjoyed sitting by each other and spilling their drinks all over the table.

The adults enjoyed visiting and hassling each other about which football team is better.  It was nice to see Dan's mom and how happy she was to be surrounded by so many of her children. 

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{amy k.} said...

family time is always so great! i LOVE the idea of going down memory lane, and taking pictures along with it... too bad we just got back from utah! :) next time we go, i will need to remember this!