Saturday, September 29, 2012

DAY 29

Camden had a soccer game this morning.  Their team got killed, but the kids had fun!  Camden even took a ball to the head when the other team threw it in.

After the game we had to run an errand which took us right past a new park.  I have been wanting to check it out for quite a while but just hadn't made it there yet.  Today was the lucky day, we stopped to check it out.

It was beautiful day and the kids had fun running around.

After we got in the car to drive home Jace said, "Mom, you are the nicest mom ever, huh?  You are a rock star.  And even when you are not the nicest, you are still a rock star".  

You better believe I took that as a compliment.

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{amy k.} said...

that is seriously adorable... we can't all be nice all of the time. but for your kid to think you're a rock star even when you're not nice- way to go you! :) hopefully i can be half the mom you are!