Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lake Lowell

While my oldest brother Chad was here for an impromptu visit last week, we made a day of it at the Lake.

 There were probably a total of 3 boats at the lake that day, and we found the perfect spot.   The water was like glass.

Camden enjoyed the wind in his face and the snacks in his belly.
 While the rest of us beat our poor old bodies up on the wakeboard
 My little bro made some serious progress jumping the wake, and he put us all to shame with his endurance.
Even Jace Man made an appearance on the wakeboard. It's just too darn bad we attempted it during nap time, he was practically falling asleep out there in the water.

Thanks for making the trip Chad, we had a blast!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Potato State

Before moving here, the only thing I really "knew" about Idaho was potatoes.  So you bet your booty I jumped at the chance to help harvest a potato field this morning.  I had no idea what I was in for, but I knew I had to try it out for myself(and my boys).
The moment we stepped foot in the field(the same field Lay's gets potatoes from) and I saw my boys off in the distance, it was everything I thought Idaho would be. My heart was content.
I tried hard not to gag at the smell and secretly wished I was strutting around in some stylish boots.  No, not full on cowboy boots just yet.  You know, those cute rubber boots at target that I've been needing an excuse to buy.  I think I see a future for the two of us.
My boys were so proud of their box full of potatoes, and I have to admit I was too.  They couldn't wait to get home and "slice" them up.
We seriously filled the truck bed with potatoes.  There is something to be said about all this fresh food we have been enjoying!  And yes, I get a sense of pride knowing I hand picked my food.

And as we were getting ready to leave, our sweet friend asked if the boys wanted to ride horses for a bit.  I'm not sure who was more excited for the opportunity, me or my kids.
Camden was nervous at first but couldn't let his brother show him up.  I had to pry them off the horse, they had a blast.

What a day of firsts!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Every Party has a Pooper

For some reason I can't get a grip on things lately.  I feel like a mess of a mother.  I am severely lacking in the patience area and feel like a ticking time bomb.  It's bad news, but nothing I can't figure out.  Life is good, I am blessed and I know that.  Just in one of those funks.

Jace is one of those kids who does the exact opposite of what you say while smiling and looking you in the face.  When I am disciplining him(even when I'm raging mad) he will laugh in my face.  If I say run to the left, he will walk to the right.

For the past week he has started pooping his pants. It's almost as if he woke up one morning and flipped a switch. He was fine one day, the next day...not so much.

The first time it happened I felt like I was very patient.  I reassured him that it was an accident, and everything was fine.  We went on our merry way.  The next time it happened I was bugged.  The next time, he got in trouble because he "knows better"(and because he was walking down the hall dropping it out of his shorts).  The next time he had to wear a diaper.  Then I told him he had to clean it up himself. Then he had to wear a diaper and carry 15 clean diapers with him everywhere he went.  Then he had to throw his beloved Astro Boy underwear in the garbage.Then I bought a bubblegum machine for bribing purposes.   Then I ignored it.  I feel like I have tried everything under the sun. 

The first time I put him back in a diaper he hysterically cried(I felt bad but thought I was helping him understand wearing underwear is better).  The next time he got a diaper he didn't poop for two days(which resulted in diarrhea for the next day).  So for the last two mornings I have asked him if he wants a diaper or underwear, he chooses underwear.

Maybe he trained too young. Maybe he had a tummy ache. Maybe he was distracted while playing. Maybe he is just being Jace and doing the exact opposite of what I want. Maybe he just doesn't care.

So last night as I sat in my boys room to watch them sleep before I went to bed.  I couldn't help but notice the pile clean diapers sitting in the doorway.  The same diapers I put away with excitement as Jace became potty trained.  The same diapers that make my heart ache for a newborn when I see them tucked away in the closet.  These diapers tugged at my heart strings as I sat next to my sleeping boys.  Maybe this whole pooping issue that's come up is not Jace's problem, but mine.  Maybe this is yet another opportunity for me to learn patience; an art I am far from perfecting, so I should welcome the chance to practice.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Date Day

For the past couple nights when Camden said his prayers, he prayed that Daddy would take him golfing.  So for Dan's day off this week we decided to each take a kid and do something together.
It's was only fitting for these two to hit the golf course.  And when I called to see how things were going, Camden couldn't wait to tell Jace Man about his fun time with Dad.  The older Camden gets, the more fun it is to watch him want to do everything just like his dad.
Jace and I hit the road to run a couple errands.  The first and most important errand was of course stopping for a drink at the gas station.  Next on the list...an ice cream cone for my man.  We ended our running around town after picking out a pillow for Papa's long flight to China.

When I brought Jace home for a nap I wasn't expecting much of one because Camden was still out golfing.  These two have slept in the same room ever since Jace was born, that is all they know!  Much to my surprise Jace went right down, no fighting, no crying, no ridiculous antics.  He was out like a light in no time flat.  And we thought Jace was to blame for the nap time/nighttime craziness.

These boys are usually easier together simply for the entertainment factor.  But the one on one time was much needed and appreciated!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Just because I'm a rookie at taking care of animals on the farm, doesn't mean I don't enjoy me some of this farm land around here.  I am in heaven each morning as I head out to the garden to see what has grown.

Between my parents garden and our more than generous neighbors garden....
We enjoy eating fresh fruits and veggies every single day.
And I may or may not have drawn a face on some spaghetti squash and left it on my neighbors porch.  Cause I'm cool like that.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Better Than Easter

Since moving to farmville, we have had the opportunity to help my little brother "farm sit" a couple of times.  It has been a real learning experience for me, and a huge blessing for my boys.
 Camden is the official egg hunter.  I have to admit, it sicks me out a little.  I try hard not to think about the chicken just giving birth to what my son is now proudly carrying around with him and planning on eating for breakfast.
Camden would be in heaven living on a farm.  I just wanna get in and get the work done without getting anything on my pants or shoes.  I can't wait to sanitize my hands once we hit the car.  Camden spends individual time with the animals and has to make sure he says goodbye to each one of them before we leave(it is quite the process).  But as much as it sicks me out, I am so grateful for the opportunities we have had to try new things while living here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Double Wide

When my Food Network loving friend called me and told me about Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine.  I knew I needed to check it out.
It was everything I thought it would be, and so much more.
 These nasty couches and recliner chairs are sitting out front, along with an orange self serve water cooler and Dixie cups.
Inside you'll see tailgates for counter tops, shower curtains hanging to give you more privacy while you eat, or you can eat inside an old beat up car(which we of course did).  Each table had a paper cup with sidewalk chalk to be used on the table while you wait.  The food was nothing fancy, but tasted pretty darn good.  My kids had a blast and it was a fun, white trash night out on the town.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Full Circle

I do not remember life without a boat growing up.  We spent many Saturday's at the lake, and every summer at Lake Powell.  So taking my kids this weekend seemed only natural. 
Too bad Camden didn't feel very natural.  He was worried about Papa driving too fast, and if the fish were mean, and not being able to see the bottom of the water.  But he was perfectly content sitting in the sun eating our packed lunch.  I had to throw him in the water in order to cool off, he didn't appreciate it.  Luckily Uncle Caleb was more convincing and bribed him with two cookies if he took a ride on the tube.  He did, and was pleasantly surprised with how fun it was.
Jace on the other hand, has no fear!  I had to hold him in the boat while it was going so he wouldn't jump off the front.  He will definitely be wake boarding with me next time.
While Dan and I tried to recover from being old, Uncle Caleb did some entertaining.
I remember being little, sitting on my dad's lap "driving" the boat.  I felt so proud of myself for doing such a big job.  I love when life comes full circle.
For as many times as I have been out on the boat, you'd think this weekend was nothing special. But with my boys at such a fun age, I tried soaking up every moment I could.  This trip was nothing out of the ordinary, but one I will never forget.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Yesterday I was telling Dan how sad I was that summer is almost over.  I feel like it rushed right by and I missed it.  I never felt that way in Arizona. What a blessing it has been to be here this summer.  We have had so many opportunities to do fun things outside.
The farmers market is a must.
Rollerblading and biking the Boise River Greenbelt did not disappoint.
Homemade ice cream is pretty self explanatory, especially when you get to lick the mixer.
The water fights around here are never ending.
Picnic lunches on the tramp.
And a special day at the temple with my big sis. 
(Umm..don't mind my hunchback and bad hair, I have issues)

Just to name a few.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Lately it's as if my thoughts have been running circles around me. I can't keep up with them. So tonight I sit at my computer hoping to find peace with my thoughts. I am searching for meaning amidst the chaos.

Writing is an outlet for me.  Being able to put my thoughts on paper(or a blog) is a safe place for my heart to speak.  Speaking before I think is a short coming of mine.  I often find myself saying something I wish I hadn't.  But when I write, I can let it flow knowing there is time to proof read.  I feel a sense of relief when I get things of my chest and written down.  I often feel regret as I speak whats on my mind while living in the moment.

As I've been trying hard to remember my word of the year, I find myself not wanting to discuss certain things. Ya know, the certain things that get me down. The things that make me stressed or worried or overwhelmed. The hard things. But maybe that's my way of proof reading. Maybe that's my way of thinking before I speak.  I hope that's the case cause that means I'm getting better.

But I'm fully aware that thinking about, and writing down my concerns won't take them away.  But I'm convinced it unlocks another piece to the puzzle.  My eyes are opened to a much bigger picture.  The picture I need to see.

For Mother's Day 2 years ago I received what I thought to be a boring gift, and tucked it inside my church bag.  It wasn't until I recently rediscovered it, that I came to appreciate it's thoughtfulness.  This gift was a homemade CD of carefully selected talks and music.  I put it in my car radio and have found myself indulging in it every chance I get.  Rewinding, re-listening, and trying to remember everything that was said. 

Elder F. Enzio Busche said, "...when you are compelled to give up something or when things that are dear to you are withdrawn from you, know that this is your lesson to be learned right now. But know also that, as you are learning this lesson, God wants to give you something better."

I often find myself in the thick of thin things feeling extremely overwhelmed.  But it's nice to remember when things aren't going as planned, God has something better in store.  Patience is a hard lesson to be learned.  A lesson I learned to never pray for, but often find myself being taught.

God is aware of my circumstance.  What I'm searching for is just around the corner.  I'm not exactly sure what it is I'm searching for.  But I can feel it.  Right. Around. The. Corner.  And it feels good.