Saturday, March 29, 2008

Date Night

What was going out to dinner like before Camden came along?

Definitely not as entertaining, messy, unpredictable...or FUN!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Table For 6 Please

Going to breakfast is one of my most favorite things. I don't get the opportunity to go very often so when the three of us decided to go, there was no way I was going to miss it. Going out with three little ones isn't always the easiest but it was definitely worth it.
Both Tiffani and Tawnya are girls I met from church and I am so lucky to have them as friends. Tawnya just had her baby three weeks ago, doesn't see look fabulous?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Did It

I finally managed to get a picture of Cam's mouth full of teeth! He has quite the crooked smile but still looks adorable, don't ya think?

His little personality is really starting to show more everyday. His once calm demeanor has quickly changed into something more wild. He is a fiesty little guy with a set of lungs.

Last night Dan and I were talking about Camden's temper tantrums and where he learned this so called trick. You can imagine he said from me, and I said from him. But we all know the truth, it comes from Dan(wink). I am not sure how and if I can nip this temper tantrum throwing in the butt, or if it is just a phase kids go through.

I love this age and the fun things he is starting to learn, but I am also scared! It is an overwhelming feeling to know that I created this miracle and am intrusted to teach him right from wrong. I so often wish he came with an instruction manual. But the funny thing is everytime I read or hear about what I should be doing with him, I rebel. I don't want some so called expert text book writer telling me how to raise my not so text book child.

I love this kid.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sweet Ride

Know anyone looking to buy a new sweet ride? This beauty is FOR SALE!!!
It a 2006 BMW X5, low miles, drives like a champ, and in need of a new home. I am SO sad I won't be driving this for much longer, so hook a sister up and buy it so I can catch a ride.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Seeing how Easter snuck up on us this year, we didn't even color eggs. I had every intention of doing this and even boiled the eggs, but sadly we just didn't get to it. But don't worry we still enjoyed a boat load of deviled eggs:)

Even though Camden wouldn't know if he got a basket or not, I couldn't let his first Easter pass without getting him one. So he got a basket full of fun necessities including a tooth brush. Every time Dan and I brush our teeth he stops dead in his tracks to watch. He can't get enough of his teeth being brushed, it must feel good on his teething gums.
And since taking a family picture on Easter seems to be the thing to do, we did it too. I know, I know...we are supposed to stay in our Easter outfits, but getting out of our church clothes as soon as we step foot in the front door is our thing. So here we are in all our glory!
Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2008

High Five

There is this fun little trick I like to play on Dan during the mornings he doesn't have to be to work early. Seeing how he is NOT a morning person, he hates it when I wake him up when he doesn't want to be awake. And I feel like he should be up in the morning if I'm up(rude I know). So to make my life a little easier and his(this is the trick part) I send Camden into bed with him to do the dirty work of waking him up. It's funny how seeing Camden in the morning is a pleasant surprise and he welcomes it; as opposed to me, his beautiful, fresh breathed bride. Weird huh?

Anyway... this morning I played that same trick on him and this is what I found them doing!
Dan taught Camden how to give him high five. He has been working on this for the past week and today was the day Camden decided to give in and play Dan's game.
Camden got SO excited every time they did it, it was hilarious. You bet your booty I tried to get in on this but Camden wanted nothing to do with my high fives. Don't worry, I had all day to work with him and make mine just as appealing as Dad's, it worked.

So it's official, our son is now cool!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

He's Back

Yesterday Camden was NOT himself. Everything I did was wrong! He was not happy with me but wanted to cling on me until he had me, then he wanted down(did that even make sense). So when I decided to take my very needed one hour break and go to the gym; I was sweetly interrupted by the nice daycare lady telling me all Camden would do was cry. So I was politely asked to come and get him. Gosh dang it. You know your kid is possessed when the gym daycare won't take him, they take anyone!

So off we went about our merry day butting heads. When Dan finally(it was earlier than most days, but sure didn't feel like it) got home from work, even he was surprised at the way Camden was acting. It was comforting to know that it wasn't just my lack of patience, but two other people agreed his behavior was abnormal.

Scared out of our minds to take him to the Easter Pageant, we went anyway. Something in the air must have banished that evil demon in his body because he was acting rather pleasant! The people around us might not have agreed when he was laughing uncontrollably during the most reverent part of the play. But I was not about to stop this incredible behavior we thought we'd never see again.

When he woke up, at a reasonable hour I might add; rather than crying, he was playing in his crib. At that moment I knew my sweet boy was back for good(cross my fingers). This knowledge was confirmed when he took a nice long nap after we got home from the gym. And once again woke up happy as can be.
I always worry when he is THAT ornery because there has to be something bothering him that he can't communicate to me. It's during these times I wish he could talk. But I know when that day comes and he is whining or back talking me, I will look back at these days and see how easy it really was.

I love this kid!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ewwww...Green Pancakes

I was feeling so sad this morning when I noticed we had no Bisquick. But being the domestic goddess that I am, I whipped up my own little batch of pancake batter.
Boy was it tasty. Only one problem, it turned green for some reason. And not only were the pancakes green, but the milk as well. It was the weirdest thing.
Dan's first comment when he saw breakfast was, "that is sick honey". But I could tell he secretly liked it as he tried to contain his smile.
Camden had no problems eating the pancakes even though they were discolored. He enjoyed every last bite.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Doggie...I mean...Camden door

The joys of having a curious toddler AND a dog! Need I say more?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Peter Piper Pizza

Camden was invited to a fun Diego birthday party at Peter Piper today and had a blast. He enjoyed trying his first slice of pizza, and devoured the entire thing.
He also got to take his turn on a fun little ride.
We had so much fun and can't wait for the next party. Thanks for having a birthday Seth Man!

As we headed out to our car we noticed someone had nothing better to do than paint a pretty red nail polish on my front bumper.

Isn't that sweet? I'll never understand how people have the nerve, let alone lack of respect to do something like this.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Current Stats

Nine months is such a LONG time to carry a child inside of you. So how come the time flies when they are NOT inside of you? I seriously cannot believe Camden in 9 months old today!

I love all of the exciting milestones he has hit and look forward to many more that are to come. It is so exciting getting to see Camden's reaction to so many "firsts". Everything is so new and interesting to him, it makes me happy. He is really starting to notice everything around him and has become quite the explorer. He is such a good baby for the most part and you can always get a smile out of him.

He loves to hang his tongue out of his mouth, and everywhere we go people comment on how funny that is. He also sparks a lot of comments about his "big blue eyes", and Dan and I can't get enough of them ourselves. Most recently he started playing peek-a-boo. He usually does it when he is all wrapped up in his bath towel and has something to pull over his face.

While at his check up today, the doctor joked with Camden about having all of his teeth in before 10 months. He told him he didn't have to be such an overachiever, it was okay to wait a while before getting a mouth full of teeth. He is currently sporting 7 teeth. The top front four(his front right tooth finally broke through, yeah), and three on the bottom. He still puts anything and everything in his mouth, but his favorite object to chew on is his own finger. One of our not so favorite things he enjoys as of late, is teeth grinding. I am not sure why he does this, but it is becoming a constant, I'm afraid he is going to grind them away!
Sometimes he ventures away from scooting and will attempt to crawl on all fours, but he quickly realizes he is much faster at scooting. Standing up on everything and walking along the furniture is what gives him a sense of freedom. He always has a gigantic smile while cruising along. I can tell he is starting to become annoyed with the fact that he is still turned the "wrong way" in his car seat. He is always trying to turn around to be a part of the action.

Eating is something he is always willing to attempt but has mastered the fine art of gagging on almost anything. Everyday we attempt something new in hopes he will be done with the gagging, but it doesn't look like this is changing in the near future.

Mumbling "dadda" and "momma" has become a regular, but unfortunately he has no idea what he is saying. The same thing goes for waving hello and goodbye, he can do it, but we aren't sure if he fully grasps why he does it.

He LOVES being outside and will instantly clam down as soon as the fresh air hits his face. I don't know what we will do when the 100 degree weather hits and mom and dad don't enjoy being outside as much as him.

As of today he weighs 20lbs(he lost a few pounds in the last month, but we aren't alarmed since he has been sick. This weight puts him in the 42 percentile). He is 29.8in long(91%). And his head is 18.3in around(85%).

What an exciting nine months we've had!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recent Happenings

Last Tuesday I took Camden back to the doctor for ANOTHER antibiotic for his NEVER ending ear infections. But when he had a fever of 104 a few days later and was crying hysterically for hours at a time, as well as projectile vomiting, I figured he needed be to seen again. So back we went on Friday to find out he not only has a double ear infection still but a viral infection in his mouth. I felt better knowing I wasn't over reacting when the doctor had me take a look for myself. There were nasty blisters covering the poor kids throat. They looked just like this picture.
The doctor than began to inform me that this is a condition, such as a severe sore throat, in which spasmodic attacks of suffocating pain occur. WHAT!

So as the week went on I tried to remember what Camden's throat looked like, and how the doctor described what he must be feeling.
Now just because I was trying to remember those things, didn't make his clingyness(is that a word)... and constant crying, any easier!
Luckily we are back to eating normal food, the crying is less, the fever is down, the rash covering his legs is looking better, and he is only up once during the night.
This week we also had the privilege of hanging out with my Nanny and Papa. They were in town for the Sportsmen's Expo in Glendale. A few years ago they built a fishing lodge in Alaska and were advertising this weekend at the expo. I love it when they come each year for this because we always get to see them. We went out to eat a few times and also got to visit them at the show.
Camden had a blast watching the the "splash dog's" jump into the pool...
and pulling on Papa's white beard! Thanks for making time to hang out with us Nanny and Papa, we love you!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

And So It Begins...

Yesterday when I picked Camden up from the gym daycare they told me he was "naughty". Supposedly he was chasing(scooting around at a rapid pace) two of the little girls and pulling their hair. One of the victims was being held by the girl working there, and the other was on the floor screaming bloody murder with a messed up pony tail.
How can anyone be mad at a face as cute as this!

No really, this is such a hard thing to deal with as a mother of the bully. He obviously doesn't understand what he is doing is wrong. If I tell him "no" he won't have a clue what I mean. So when will he understand? When can I begin disciplining for bad behavior? Not that I am looking forward to that, but I do understand the time will come sooner than later. He is ALL boy, nothing he does is soft! He hits, pulls hair, yells, rips things out of your hand, you name it! I guess we are in for it, starting yesterday. Dun..dun..dun!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

You Make 54 Look Good

Sorry ladies this hottie is taken by my lucky mom!

Today my dad turned the BIG OLD 54! I loved it when I called to wish him happy birthday and he said he turned 36. You know your old when you think 36 is the new 29.I would list 54 reasons why my dad is better than your dad but that would take a really long time, and he might not be alive at the end of the list. So I won't do that!

Happy Birthday old man!
P.S. Dad I think your REALLY funny(you can mail me the money for that one. I take check, visa, airline tickets, or good old fashion cash).