Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DAY 18

Today was a good day.  I got to volunteer in Camden's class and see first hand how incredible his teacher is.  She had those kids doing something the entire time.  She gave every child the attention they needed, and knew exactly what they needed at every second.  She did not let those kids walk all over her, she was firm but loving.  At one point Camden came up to me and asked for help with the assignment he was working on.  I told him he needed to raise his hand and ask the teacher.  He looked at me like I was the meanest mom and asked again.  I gave him the same answer and he walked away. I felt bad for him but I wanted him to gain the confidence to ask for help when I wasn't around.  He never asked.  In fact, he didn't finish that assignment.  I wanted so badly to pick him up, give him a hug, and help him finish.  Hopefully he will catch on quick.

After dinner Dan and I took the boys for a little walk.  Camden rode his bike and Jace pushed his dump truck.  Dan has been encouraging Camden to ride without training wheels for quite sometime.  Camden has been timid and reluctant to try.  So a few months ago Dan raised the training wheels on his bike so he could start feeling the need to balance. When we got to the end of the street Dan told Camden that he noticed he was doing a great job balancing on his bike.  He said Camden's training wheels never touched the ground.  Camden was beaming and wanted the training wheels off. So right there, at the end of the street, Dan took them off and Camden rode his bike all by himself.

I was surprised at how natural he looked.  He wasn't wobbly or timid.

He is definitely one to wait until he is ready to do anything and then he always does great quickly.

He was beaming from ear to ear and couldn't help but enjoy the crowd of neighbors who were outside to witness.

Cute little Anne didn't want to miss out on the action either.  So Dan took removed her training wheels and she rode off just as quickly.

It was fun to see the excitement of not one, but two little kids learn to ride their bike for the first time.

As we all stood in the circle at the end of the street, our kids playing, Dan helping them ride, and the mom's talking, I felt blessed to live where we do.

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