Thursday, August 30, 2007


He is so dang cute....Need I say more?


I received a funny email that had a picture of an overweight guy standing on a scale in the doctors office and the caption read: "Well, well- it seems your weight is perfect. You just happen to be eleven feet too short". That is exactly what has happened to me. You see...I started shrinking before I got pregnant, and it continued tremendously during pregnancy. I just hate when I step on the scale the weight is comparable to that of a 17 foot giant! So last week when Tiffani asked me if I wanted to go running with her, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Ever since then, I have really been trying hard to watch what I eat(calorie counting), and to continue exercising. I am hopeful that I will grow several feet over the next while.

And in order to really make myself stick to this so called plan of mine...I decided I needed to "out" myself! Don't worry...I will spare you all the details! But I just needed to post a "before" picture so that way you will all be in suspense for my "after" shot. Even if nobody reads this but my mom, at least someone will hold me accountable:)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


We did it! Arizona beat the record for the most days at or above 110 degrees in one year! I just can't even begin to explain how privileged I feel to live here during this monumental time in AZ history. Today was the 29th day of miserable temperatures, and it's not stopping there. I understand Arizona is hot, it's a desert, and winters here are beautiful. But that doesn't mean I can get used to the fact that when I go outside at 10:00 pm it is still 98 bloody degrees outside:( Do people really enjoy this????? I guess I should be grateful I didn't live in Al'Aziziyah, Libya in Sept of 1922 when it was 136 degrees.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who needs it?

Goodbye head cushion, hello freedom! I don't know who the darn thing was more annoying for..him or me!

That dumb cushion was always falling out of the car seat, wadding up in the bottom, and I really think his head was too big for it in the first place. So farewell annoying head cushion thingy!

Doesn't he look so happy?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Toilet Hugger

Over the last 24 hours this beautiful site has become my best friend! I was lucky enough to catch the dreadful 24 hour flu. I was so glad Dan was home from work yesterday when I started feeling sick, and that he didn't have to go back until 11:00am today. This way I didn't feel too guilty when he was up with Camden barfing several times throughout the night. Thankfully I was feeling better this morning when Camden woke up so Dan was able to get a little shut eye!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Always a Catch

It has become quite the ritual that my child wakes up every morning between 6:00 and 6:30, no matter how long ago he fell asleep. After many mornings of TRYING to "make" him fall back asleep by putting him in bed with me, I quickly learned it always ends in a wrestling match and HE WINS! So now I have come to terms with this, I understand that he takes after his father and is going to be stubborn. I cannot make him sleep in any later than he really wants to. And because at 6:30 in the am, I have to really try hard to wake myself up; I do so by faithfully watching the news each day. This morning while watching the weather I learned that it was a beautiful 76 degrees outside. I couldn't believe it, 76 degrees in Arizona, in August, no way!!! I was bound and determined to take Camden for a walk. I grabbed a blanket for him(because 76 degrees, it must be winter), opened the front door, took one step outside and gasped for air! I should've known better, there was a catch to the beautiful 76 degree weather! That crazy weather lady forgot to tell me....95% humidity! Ugggh. It sorta felt like when you take a sip of what you think is lemonade, but is really water. I hate that!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Should I be ashamed? Should I admit that I am addicted even though I just joined the blogging world? Does anyone need to know that I was thinking about blogging this event during most of the show? Do I not get out enough? Oh what the I'm a loser and proud of it!

Tonight I had a hall pass that I was just dying to use. What better thing to use it on other than a Limo ride? So I called eight of my girlfriends on Friday of last week and they thought it sounded like such a fun idea. Yea right...I totally got invited to go see Mama Mia and last minute was told we would be taken to the show in a limo! Seeing how I had never been in a limo before I could hardly contain myself. I was trying to act composed and like it was no big deal. But after the show, I couldn't help but act like I was in high school again! We were hanging out of the sun roof like you wouldn't believe. Oh...and by the way...the show was great(I don't get out much-thinking the Limo ride was the best)!!! For real, the show was so well put together and the songs were so much fun to dance to.

This was on the way to the show...I was trying to act cool, like I had been in a limo several other times before!

Post show...

Peggy was the only one to buy a souviener, I thought for sure she would opt for the pink boa...but instead she purchased the shorts!!!

Who really hangs out the sun roof in a limo????

Or should I say...Who doesn't?

Thanks for a fun night ladies! I can't wait for the next show!


While I was out partying it up, my sweet husband was home bathing a dirty child, doing laundry...oh wait...playing Guitar Hero! He is getting soooo good, you should hear him jam. He will be available for autographs tomorrow night!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Size 2 at 2 months

Camden has become quite the chunk. He weighed in at 13.3lbs at his 2 month checkup on the 13th of this month. He was such a champ when they gave him four shots and one oral vaccine.

So today when I went on a diaper run to Target, I noticed the weight limit for size 2 diapers started at 12lbs. I never thought the day would come when he would grow out of newborn diapers. After purchasing the huge box of size 2, I quickly realized how fast they grow!

Can it be true???

YES sir...I have officially succumb to the peer pressure of the blogging world. I always said I wouldn't do it, but look at me now! I just couldn't resist an easier way to keep others updated about our boring little lives in the hot AZ.