Wednesday, March 21, 2012

YW Class Activity

This past Sunday I gave a lesson in church on sustaining and supporting priesthood bearers.  And while looking online for a cute handout I came across the perfect idea for an activity.  A "bishopric stash" to help sustain their hunger while away from home.

So at our activity tonight, when the girls arrived they all got to pick out a mustache to wear.  They were actually kind of itchy and none of us could stop touching them and laughing at one another.

After we got our mustache's situated correctly on our faces, we played a trivia/getting to know the bishopric game.  Earlier during the week, I had the bishopric fill out a simple questionnaire.  I typed up 25 statements and the girls got to guess which person it belonged to. It was rather entertaining listening to who the girls thought each statement was about.

Then we stuffed the "stash" with as many treats and snacks as we possibly could. 

Signed a sweet note and can't wait to deliver it to our Bishopric this Sunday.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I want to remember...

Last night Dan and I were talking about our kids personalities.  We decided Camden got the best of both of our emotions, and Jace got the best of both of our stubbornness.  Aren't they lucky?

Anytime Camden gets a treat he has to save part of it(most of it) for Jace.  Today his primary teacher reminded me of his kind-heartedness.

Jace hasn't been feeling well.  Today while visiting with our home teachers he got rather upset because we asked him to stay and participate.  I had him sit on my lap to calm him down and he fell asleep in less than a minute.  That never happens.

For 2 weeks in a row during primary, Camden refused to color with the teachers crayons because he said he likes to use his own markers from home.  His teacher asked if I would bring some of his special markers to class.

Jace is obsessed with punching.  When he gets pretend mad he will shake his face and fists really fast until you start laughing or throw the first punch.

My boys are obsessed with rubbing my dad's shaved head during church.  Several people have commented to me on how funny they think it is.

I was set apart for my calling(a new ward was recently created and I got called to work with the beehives in this new ward) today and blessed with the ability to prioritize my family's needs before my calling.  And was reminded of the great importance of hugging my beehives and pulling them in close to show my love.

While out for a Sunday drive today, Camden asked me if we could please find "our big truck to go to Arizona without the winter".

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick

Last night we set a trap hoping to catch a St. Patrick's day leprechaun.  Unfortunately they are sneaky little things and left nothing but mischief.  Camden just couldn't believe they would make such a mess of Nanny's house because "that is naughty and not nice".

Waking up to little green footprints and a messed up living room would be boring without a St. Patty's day surprise.  My boys were thrilled as could be with their new green shirts and rainbow treats.

Before we headed to the hockey game to celebrate in style, we went out for a bite to eat.  Nothing tastes better than a little Texas Roadhouse to fill our green shirted bellies.

Happy Day!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Jace has been running a fever for the past two days.  Nothing horrible, he just doesn't feel very well.  Last night I was up with him from about 2am-5am.  He had a cough, fever, and the barfs.  As I laid in bed next to him rubbing his tummy, I couldn't help but feel so blessed.  I remember doing that with Camden several times and then having to get up for work.  How lucky I feel today that I get to stay home with my kids.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Do you ever have those days when you just feel down?  I noticed the bad weather blues creeping in on Monday but I tried to shove them aside with a smile on my face.

Yesterday the gray sky bothered me.  My knees hurt and I started crying several times during my run as they popped hitting the pavement.  The wind blew like crazy and I tried to stay busy around the house.  I was irritable and on edge, I had to get away by going to the grocery store.  As I laid in bed I didn't want to fall asleep.  The forecast showed the same ugly weather and I had a feeling it would get the best of me in the morning.

Sure enough.  Jace woke up in tears at 2am with a nasty cough and fever.  Camden woke up at 2:05am because I didn't take him out of bed when I got Jace. I laid in bed at 3am thinking about the things I needed to accomplish today.  So here it is noon and I'm feeling overwhelmed with several petty things. Things that normally aren't a big deal.

I don't want to wear levi's today, I'd rather stay in my pajamas.  My hair needs to be cut in a bad sorta way.  My eyebrows could stand a wax.  We had rootbeer floats at lunch and my tummy hurts.  I don't have my lesson for Sunday anywhere near prepared; but I can't seem to sit down and work on it.  My laundry pile is the size of Texas, but I hate folding it so I don't wanna wash it.  I know I let Camden play the Wii too often but sometimes I just don't care.  I need to finish my quilt top but I don't have my back picked out.  The floor needs to be mopped but the thought of doing it hurts my swollen knees. I know I would feel better if I got out of the house.  But getting out of the house would require putting Levi's on and we are back to square one.

Ugh...this weather is killing me.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Surprise Visit

My boys received a surprise visitor this week.  Tessa flew in with Ya Ya late Tuesday night when my kids were fast asleep.  When they woke up the next morning and saw their friend, they didn't know what to think.  They all just sorta looked at each other and tried not to smile.  Once the initial shock wore off, they were right back to where they left off.

They were wild and crazy, couldn't sit still to save their life, but so dang cute.  They held hands everywhere we went, kept giving hugs, and even attempted a sleep over at night.

We visited the bounce house, the aquarium, the bowling alley, target, and of course ate good food.

We crammed them all in the back seat together and took lots of pictures.

Camden talks about his best friend Tessa all the time.  So this impromptu visit did my heart good to see them together again.

When we dropped them off at the airport Camden said he was sad Tessa had to go because "she lives far far away and a long long time".

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dr. Seuss

Because Dr. Seuss shares a birthday with my dad, we spread out the Seuss love all week long.

We went and saw The Lorax in 3D on opening day.  It was such a good movie.  And as if the movie wasn't entertaining enough, watching the boys experience 3D for the first time was a thrill.

We made our very own Lorax trees to enjoy at home.

And obviously we read several classic stories and gobbled up green eggs and ham.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Today we celebrated one of my favorite men.  We all went to dinner at Five Guys and came home for cookies and ice cream.

I can tease him about his age, but definitely not his athleticism.  He has been nice enough to run with me every Saturday and is not afraid to beat a girl.  He always ends up sprinting in the end when I am dog tired.  He is one tough dude.

Happy birthday Dad!