Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Camden is 5

Several months ago while driving around town running errands with the boys, Camden asked if we could stop for a treat at the gas station.  I was quick to respond with a "no" and he immediately asked why.  So I explained to him that I had already spent a lot of money that day and didn't have any left over for extra things like treats.  I reminded him that Dad goes to work everyday to earn money, and if we aren't careful we will spend more than he makes.  After he asked what I spent Dad's money on that day I began listing everything I had purchased: gas, dry cleaning, milk, bread, cheese, cereal, ink for the printer, Chewie's dog food, etc.  I could see the wheels turning in his head when he responded with, "Well, I have been saving all my monies to go on a hot air balloon ride but I guess I can give it to you to buy our milk".  My heart melted into butter.

Since that day in the car he has often talked about going on a hot air balloon ride.  I explained to him that a ride will cost a lot of money and encouraged him to keep saving.  When I found a groupon for a local balloon company I knew we needed to make it happen.  I called the company to see if they had his birthday available for flight and was offered an even cheaper rate.  It was meant to be.  Dan and I debated whether or not it was an appropriate birthday gift for a 5 year old and worried he might be upset that it wasn't something tangible to unwrap. We both agreed making memories was way more important than opening a present. 

We woke him up bright an early for his surprise.  He was given his first present for the day being a t-shirt with the #5 and asked to quickly get ready.  We loaded him in the car and drove to the fairgrounds where a hot air balloon ride was supposed to be waiting for him. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate.  After standing around in the cold morning air for about 45 minutes the pilot cancelled all flights due to wind.  We were now stuck with entertaining our (tired) birthday boy for the rest of the day.  Luckily IHOP for breakfast sounded more exciting than sitting out in the cold.

After breakfast we couldn't resist letting him open presents that he had received in the mail from his generous family and friends.

He was happy as could be with all his Iron Man memorabilia.

Dan and I were a little stressed knowing how awesome his birthday should have been had the balloon ride not been cancelled, but he could've cared less.  He was spoiled beyond degree, why we even worried about not buying him anything to unwrap blows my mind.  The amount of gifts he received was more than he could have imagined.

Camden is one loved 5 year old.  He received money, clothes, toys, cards, treats, balloons, and lots of birthday love over the phone.

We ended our morning with a birthday cake of Krispie Kreme donuts and enjoyed the day with our sweet 5 year old.  Camden randomly requested Taco bell for lunch and his wish was granted.  Shortly after we arrived home we got a phone call from our good friends who invited us over for a mini birthday party they put together at their house in honor of Camden.

Hanging with his Blodgett friends was the perfect ending to his day!

Thanks for having a birthday Camden, we love to celebrate you!

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