Friday, September 30, 2011


It feels good to have made it through my "Thirty Days Hath September" challenge, only missing one day.  Of course before finishing this last post for the month I had to write about Day 22, the wedding.  I have loved remembering all these "small details" about our everyday life.

During the past few days while exercising in the morning, I have felt pretty dizzy.  Today it hit me hard.  I wanted to lay down on the sidewalk and wait for it to pass, or better yet throw up.  Luckily when I felt the worst I was right in front of the fire station.  Those dang men are always up and at it so early.  And of course I am too prideful to let them see me laying down or even dry heave.  So I made it home and tried to veg on the couch.  It wasn't long before two little boys were begging for breakfast and could hardly stand my laziness.

We made it out the door for some very important errands.  The most important was getting our conference games laminated.  Camden can hardly wait until I let him play.  The next stop was Target for conference treats and cute little man gloves before the winter weather scares us any more.

After naps we attempted to mow the lawn.  Shortly after we began, a pain in the butt mutt who Dan lovingly refers to as Chewie, decided to run a muck through the neighborhood.  Normally I wouldn't care because she's too spoiled to not come back.  But I'd hate for the neighbors to complain, so off I went looking like a fool.  She seriously sat on her hind legs, butt dragging on the cement, while I pulled her collar.  I was furious!

Once I got that blasted animal home, I was sure to text Dan something about skinning his furry baby and making her into a rug.  Cause I'm nice like that.

We finished the lawn and got to harvest the garden.

 Now the boys are in bed.  Dan just finished watching the BYU game, and we are waiting up for a friend who is staying the night.  It's almost 11:30pm and I'm ready to hit the hay.  I better rest up for another ordinarily crazy day tomorrow.

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Eun Jin Lee said...

The squash in the far right corner is somewhat suggestive...just sayin'.