Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Never Do Anything Fun

Apparently Camden lives a pretty boring life.  I swear I heard him say, "we never do anything fun" about 58 times yesterday.  Even though we jumped on the tramp, took Chewie for a walk, played Frisbee with the neighbor boy, rode our bikes, looked at Halloween decorations outside, threw rocks in the pond, played on the playground, took pictures on my phone, Camden was still bored.

So yesterday after dinner this is what the fly on our wall heard:
Camden: We NEVER do anything fun!
Me: What are you talking about?  We did tons of fun things today!
Camden: No way, we just never do anything fun.  We just sit sit sit.
Me: Ok what would you like to do that sounds fun?
Camden: You have to chose.
Me:(not really wanting to do anything else for the day) We could read a book.
Camden: Not fun.
Me: We could...sing a song.
Camden: Not fun.
Me: You could go in your room and play with Jace Man.
Camden: Not fun.
Me: We could skip baths tonight and just go to bed.
Camden: Try again.
Me: We could take a shower in Uncle Caleb's shower.
Camden: Nope.
Me: We could take a shower in Mom's shower.
Camden: Nope.
Me: Nanny and Papa's shower?
Camden: See we never do anything fun!
Me: Oh I know...how about we take a shower with our flip flops on!
Camden:(jumping up and down screaming)  Yeah, this is gonna be freakin awesome.
And freakin awesome it was!


Tracy said...

Ha ha ha... this is hilarious, though I must admit, wet flip flops gross me out a little bit. What a fun mom you are!!

Oh, and can I just say that last month was the best month of my life because I always had a three against one post to look forward to!! Love you guys!

{amy k.} said...

oh my gosh that is too funny! i love the things kids come up with. and the parents too who learn to entertain the kids, nice work! :)

Amee said...

You are the best mom. With all the stuff you had already done I can't believe he thinks you never do anything fun! Ha Ha.

The Brinkerhoff's said...

that is so cute!!!

The Brinkerhoff's said...

that is so cute!!!

becky rigby said...

I never do anything fun either... could you give me some options? =) You are the coolest mom ever. Next time Caleb and I are trying to decide what to do I'll offer taking a shower with flip flops.