Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DAY 13

Today we made our way to story time at the library.  Camden was very timid.  He didn't want to pet the dog, help with the felt board during the story, or do much dancing.  Jace was his usual wild self.  He was the first to volunteer for everything, and yelling out "ahhhhhh, why I don't have a turn" when he wasn't picked to help.  We read Chicken Little today, sang the car song, danced to the chicken song, and ended with playdoh.
We even signed up for a library card and picked out a few books on tape for our drive to Utah!

On our way home Camden asked if we could eat lunch at Chik-fil-a.  I told him I didn't know of any nearby.  He quickly responded, "Duh the PGS knows how to get us there".

Unfortunately Jace Man's "PGS" isn't working.  He can't seem to find the toilet when he has to do his #2 thang.  It has been pretty hit or miss depending on his attitude.  I thought the gumball machine would be motivation enough, but now we have turned to discipline instead of rewards.  We gave him several warnings, if he pooped in his pants again he would have to throw his blanket away.  Well, again came and we had to follow through with our threat(I have to give credit to Dan for following through).  His blanket was put in the "garbage".  After crying himself to sleep without his "green blankie", he woke up in the middle of the night so upset!  I could not calm him down and I caved.  I shouldn't have but I did.  I could not reason with him at 2:30 in the morning and apparently he could with me.  I was tired from just being up with Camden(for who knows what reason) and I caved.

And just like with anything in life; after you have given in just once, justification to give in again is that much easier.  Yep you guessed it, I caved again at nap time!  All day I had been telling him if he pooped in the toilet he could have his blankie at nap time.  Of course he didn't have to go before he laid down so he went to his room without the blanket.

But after 2 hours of pure torture for both he and I, I caved again!  I'm normally pretty good about sticking to my guns, but this one is killing me.


{amy k.} said...

what a sad little face. i would've caved too!

Kaylie said...

If you find out a way to get your child to poop in the toilet, send your tips my way. My child is also stubborn and, although she's got the peeing thing down great, no bribes or threats will get her to go #2! (she always goes during naps or at night when sleeping....) It is so frustrating and I totally understand (and I probably would've caved too!)