Saturday, September 3, 2011


A couple nights ago Camden woke up frantic because something was wrong.  "Why are there bubbles in my nose?"  I couldn't help but laugh at his explanation of a snotty nose even though he was traumatized!

So of course last night it was Jace Man's turn.  He had a rough night trying to sleep while fighting off the "bubbles in his nose".  And after waking up too late for the hot air balloon festival this morning, we went with our next best option.  Home Depot kids workshop.

Today the boys made game day dry erase boards.  I'm pretty sure their favorite part of the whole workshop is getting their completion pin and a cup of popcorn.  Which is fine by me, because we all know my favorite part is seeing them in their cute aprons.  At least it gets us out of the house and doing something different.

Later today Camden brought me in a handful of flowers from the yard "because they are pretty and special".

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