Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DAY 20

This morning we woke up to this lovely critter.  Camden thought he was "ah a cute little guy" and Jace asked if he could "punch him".

We left it up to animal control to decide what to do with him.

We hit the rode early to drive all over town running wedding errands with my mom, and she had the brilliant idea to stop for Astro(boy) Burger's.  And seeing how the boys were watching Astro Boy as we pulled up, it made it that much better.

The nice man who took our order was kind enough to go along with our Astro Boy antics.  Jace loved shaking his hand, but Camden told Dan "he wasn't really Astro Boy huh, he was just pretend".

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Bubbly Faces said...

Dear Farm Girl,
I can't NOT keep up with your blogging everyday thing!! I'm jealous you are so good at it. Please come back to the city!