Friday, September 9, 2011


Jace woke up this morning upset because I said the prayer last night and not him.

This afternoon Camden said,  "I got pee in my underwear just a little, like an accident when I laughed pretty hard."

Jace begged me for a cheese tortilla at lunch today.  Of course I made it for him and he refused to eat the tortilla, but devoured the melted cheese.

Camden made me proud and used" please" and "thank you" ALL day without having to be asked.  I was seriously beaming every time he would say it, it was so sincere and sweet.

Tonight we had dinner at Applebee's.  Yes I let Jace come with us even though he had 55 Disney stickers plastered on his shirt. Dan's nephew Ryan works there and apparently tonight was his first night in training as a server, and we were his first guests.  How fun is that?  He hooked us up with his pretty sweet discount just as long as we promised to pay him back someday in Oreo's!

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Kenzie said...

Can I just say I am loving this? I wish I did it! You are such a good woman and especially a good mom!