Thursday, September 22, 2011

DAY 22

Today was the big day.  Carly and Kelby tied the knot.

After tons of arranging on who would be where, at what time, and in which car, we all made it.  Those who attended the temple arrived at 9:30am.  We all got seated and I was perfectly content to be there between Dan and Kristianne.  Right before the sealing began, my mom leaned over and whispered something to Carly.  Carly's eyes filled with tears almost as quickly as mom's, and mine followed right after.  It was perfectly beautiful and a sweet reminder of what took place for Dan and I over 6 years ago.

After the temple we all had our jobs.  Mine was to pick up the cake and get it to the Olive Garden for lunch.  They were still putting on the "final touches" when we arrived.  While waiting, those of us in the car got a chance to sneak a taste of a few yummy cupcakes and Italian soda from the shop.

Carly served yummy sugar cookies but wanted a small cake top to cut.  When the baker brought it out I about fell over.  I was not expecting it to be that big, but it was so perfect.  It was so Carly.

Lunch was delicious, of course because I'm all for eating at a good restaurant instead of a fancy smanchy place with crappy food.  It was fun to see so many family members and friends who came to celebrate.  Right after Kelby's Dad offered a blessing on the food Jace yelled, "ha ha I didn't close my eyes".

We headed back to the hotel room for a short while before the open house started.  Kelby's family hosted it in their backyard and had Coldstone creamery cater. After loading up on sugar, my boys had a blast running around playing in the stream.  

Of course the only pictures I took were on my phone, hence the blurriness.  It's a darn good thing I have connections with their amazing photographer.

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