Thursday, September 15, 2011

DAY 15

It's no secret I enjoy organizing things, especially other people's things.  It's weird I know, but there is something to be said about starting with chaos and ending in harmony.

Today I got to help a friend with some organizing in her daughter's room.  And because of the timing of it, the boys got to tag along with me.  They were ok with coming because it was new toys, new territory, and they could slide from one from one room to the next.

About the time I was coming down the stairs to be done for the day I heard Jace pounding on the sliding glass door.  When I opened the door I heard Camden hysterically screaming.  The kind of scream I've never heard from his mouth before, it scared me. 

A ran across the lawn behind the trees that blocked him from my view.  There he stood barefoot in the middle of the dirt; shaking from the waist up, trying desperately not to move his feet.  Idaho dirt is something else.  You don't go near it unless you have shoes on, thick soled shoes for that matter.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think for one second about running back to the house to grab a pair of shoes for myself.  Instead I let my adrenaline take over and ran to pick him up while exposing my bare feet to the miserable thorn infested dirt. Once we made it back to the grass, we sat down and I started removing the blasted thorns.  The bottom of Camden's poor feet were covered!  Not one spec of his skin was showing.  I tried quickly to remove the thorns from his feet as best I could and then moved to mine.  But once I finished with my feet I noticed Camden's were covered in blood.

Although I was relieved he didn't have a body part dismembered like his scream led me to believe, my heart hurt to see him in pain.
He refused to walk or eat.  He refused to let me pick at the thorns anymore.  He just kept telling me he wanted to sleep.  I gave him some pain reliever and sent him to bed.  He was out like a light.

After his nap he let Dan get a few more pieces out and seems to be doing much better.  My old callused feet still slightly ache, I can't imagine what his soft baby feet must feel like.  Poor guy!


{amy k.} said...

ohhh poor guy! that is so sad! those cute little feet!

i love organizing too... you said it perfectly- there's something fabulous about seeing the chaos become harmony!

Debbie said...

oh that is so sad. I hate those screams. Glad you are both ok.