Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Now that I started this everyday blogging business, I feel like I'm airing my dirty laundry.

If I have big errands to run they are better accomplished in the morning.  My boys usually seem to be better behaved before nap time versus after they wake up from naps.  But if I try and do anything too close to lunch, they get irritable and not helpful.  So if I know I have something that will take a good chuck of time and it needs to get done with children in tow, we go first thing in the morning.  Today was one of those days.  We were out of the house early enough that I hadn't showered, which I justify because "I don't know anybody here".

Our first stop was the mall of all places(I HATE the mall).  I opted out of bringing the stroller because it is usually more of a fight than it's worth.  But no stroller means two boys who are now expected to hold my hand and keep up.  Yeah right! 

The entire time Jace is looking behind him rather than where he is headed;  this resulted in many bumps, bruises, and knocked over displays.  Camden on the other hand is carefully inspected all the tags on my clothing in the dressing room and yelled out the sizes.  No biggie cause I'm comfortable in my own skin, everyone should know what size I'm trying to squeeze into.

As we are just about to leave the mall(my favorite place) Dan called asking if I'd mind bringing him some lunch.  So once I get up to the counter to order his food he didn't answer his phone.  How dare he get busy at work and not answer the second I call.  By this point the kids are fighting, I'm sweating, the cashier is totally bugged that I'm putting a cramp in her texting marathon, and I'm raging mad because I'm still at the mall.  Dan called back and told me not to worry about it because he could hear "it" in my voice that I'm about to lose it.  I insisted he give me his order after I had already made the trek to the food court.

What seemed like an eternity later, we made it to the car.  I had to make one pit stop at the bread store unless we wanted bread less BLT's for dinner.  The kids were whiny and begging to come in.  So after I screamed...I mean...reminded them to stop touching each other, looking at each other, and talking to each other, we made our way in the store.

All is well now that I have my butter with a slice of bread, until I drop it on the floor of the car.  I would have picked it up but it sat there too long as I chatted with my neighbor whose car was parked next to mine and wouldn't start.  I'm not sure if she wanted to wait for her husband to pick her up because I hadn't showered, just yelled at my kids, had butter all over the car, or like Dan could hear "it" in my voice.

As I drove to Dan's work to bring him his now cold lunch, I couldn't help but wonder...maybe it's me, not my boys that can't run errands too close to lunch.  Did I seriously just get worked up over all those trivial things.

I need to work on that.


BreeAnn said...

I think you're amazing. haha I hate the mall, especially with a bunch of kids!! & I would have been so mad about all of those things too. Don't worry, you're normal. haha

Tawnya said...

I'm laughing because I'm the exact same way. Going ANYWHERE with two kids is almost more trouble than it's worth.

Gabaldon said...

Oh Lisa your so amazing & that is exactly how I feel about running errons, no fun......

I feel your pain, majority of the time that's exactly how I feel although my oldest is always beating me tripping me & kicking me while everyone looks like I'm crazy...

I know your a great mom keep it up!!! I usually feel like my kids are the only ones that act up & have issues.....LMBO!!!