Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DAY 27

I have a friend who invites me to library time with her and her two grand kids.  We go every Tuesday morning and my boys jump up and down when I tell them it's library day.

We always start by signing "I'm gonna drive my car".  After singing, the librarian invites all the kids to move up closer by the felt board where she tells her stories.  Jace is always the first one up and the closest to the action. Camden is more timid and refuses to move off my lap, except for today.  Alaura's grandson Caleb walked up to Camden, put his hand out, and said, "Come on friend".  The smile on Camden's face was the size of Texas.  He seriously couldn't have been happier in that moment.  They both walked up, sat in the circle, and no kidding...put their arms around each others shoulders.  I about died.

After the library we all headed to the park.  Of course these two boys couldn't ride in separate cars, they did not want to be apart.

Camden and Caleb were inseparable.  Camden kept saying, "He's my best friend!".

On the other hand Jace kept asking Haley if she wanted to slap him, which I think is hilarious.  And I find it even more funny that she just completely ignored him!

Later today as I rode in the car with my mom I mentioned how proud I was of Jace.  It has been 9 days since his last potty accident.  But the second I said something I knew I shouldn't have. 

After dinner I found Jace on the tramp standing as still as he possibly could.  His butt was pushed out and his eyes were big.  I walked out to get him and he immediately said, "It was an accident, I love you." all while hugging and kissing my face obsessively.  Sigh!

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BreeAnn said...

Your babies are so cute. I love reading about them.

I can't believe your sister married kelby!! Crazy small world! How did you figure out that I knew him?