Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DAY 28

I'm starting to get nervous about the cold weather that is coming upon us.  I have a feeling our park days are slowly coming to an end.  Although I froze to death, we enjoyed a picnic at the park for lunch.  Of course the kids don't eat much, but they sure do play hard.  We had to wake Jace up from his nap at 5pm!
While at the park, the boys gravitated towards two other brothers who happened to be their same ages. They all played so well together and even shared Rice Krispie treats.  As I sat and watched all four of them interact, I sorta got teary eyed when the younger friend called his older sibling "brother", instead of by his real name. 

Up until the end of August Jace never called Camden by his given name, it was always "brudda".  Now that he no longer uses that term of endearment, I feel like he has lost a tiny bit more of his baby-ness.  He is growing up, using proper words, and will probably move off to college tomorrow.

Tonight for YW with the Beehives, we had a service scavenger hunt.  It was tons of fun and brought out quite a competitive spirit in girls I didn't know possessed such a thing!  Everyone had fun and the winning team was nice enough to share their prize.  It was a success.

After YW I headed to Chilli's for a late night snack with one of the other leaders.  We seriously laughed our tails off until 11pm.  It was nice to get out and start to feel like I'm fitting in.  Why is it that we still feel the need to fit in somewhere even when we are older?


Amy C said...

I don't think we realize how important fitting in is to us, until we don't fit in anymore. In AZ I never felt like I had to try, but where we live now, I don't fit in, and its no fun not having friends and people to do things with. I think it's especially hard when we have a best friend that we leave, and I think we want someone to fill that void. I don't know if that makes sense or not. :) I'm glad things are going well for you guys, and I hope the cold winter won't be too shocking for you and your boys.

kmmurphy said...

Lissa, I am twice as old as you (or very close to it) and never in my life have I felt so left out and un fitting in as I do now. I hope I find a place soon. In other words I feel your pain.