Friday, September 23, 2011

DAY 23

This morning we woke our tired bodies up and made our way to the Great Salt Lake.  I'm seriously so lucky to have such a talented brother for my personal photographer, and a generous sister for our very own assistant.  While out at the lake we all had to take our shoes off to get in the water, you should have heard Camden screaming in fear.  He is my clean child and could NOT stand walking on the "bugs" and the salty, smelly, sand.  I'm crossing my fingers Chad was able to capture at least one good shot.

After pictures we made our way back to my Nanny and Papa's house to hang out.  Kristianne had the day off and we enjoyed relaxing, and playing some serious rounds of Rummikub.

 Next up on the agenda for today was a BYU game.  As soon as Dan found out the exact date for Charly's wedding, he was thrilled how conveniently scheduled it was with "his team".

 Lucky for him, he was able to round up a few others who were willing to enjoy game day with him. 

Dan has been talking about bringing Camden to a game for quite some time now.  Camden has been so excited he could hardly stand it!  For the last hour before they actually got in the car to leave, Camden asked the time every 2-3 minutes.  He had been told they were leaving at 2:30 and it must have felt like an eternity to him. 

I'm pretty sure Jace and I had just as much fun staying home as they did at the game.  The yelling and cheering are out of control in my Nanny and Papa's house.  They take game day pretty serious around here, headphones in to listen while they watch it on TV.

I'm sure I'll be asleep when they all make it home after tonight's big win, but I can't wait to hear how it all went down.

Aunt Sassy left for home today.  This was her first time meeting Jace and that breaks my heart.  The next time she will see him, he will be a completely different person.   It was a short visit but fun to see her again.

Now that the wedding is over, things are starting to wind and the adrenaline is wearing off.  I'm pretty sure I won't be awake for the car ride home tomorrow!  Back to reality.

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