Monday, September 12, 2011

DAY 12

Man I feel like we are always running errands.  Today while we were out running a few before we leave for Utah, we snapped this photo.
When we walked out of the craft store Camden planted his two feet loudly on the ground, threw his hands in the air and yelled, "Jace David! Yook(yes his L's sound like Y's) at that awesome workin thing!".  This cute old lady standing outside the store about wet her pants she was laughing so hard.  She insisted he do it again for her.  And making his momma proud, he yelled it with even more enthusiasm the second time and begged me to take a picture.  As if he had to beg me, my mamarazzi must be wearing off on him.

But apparently I do need reminders every now and again to take pictures.  Tonight we had a neighborhood party which I totally forgot to bring my camera out to, dang it.  While at the party, Camden was jumping on the tramp with his good pal Pierce and an older girl.  Pierce decided it was cooler to hang out with the big kids and pick on the little ones, Camden being little.  Soon the wrestling was no longer friendly, and hurtful words were said.  I heard Camden run in the house crying.  When I went to find him, he was peeking though the blinds saying, "I wanna be your friend". 

Time stood still. 

I wanted to agree with his hurt feelings and egg on some anger for a chance at retaliation.  Part of me wanted to stand at the window and cry with him. But I snapped back to reality and recognized that this probably won't be the last time he feels betrayed.  And it probably won't be the last time I feel helpless and heartbroken.  So I gave him a hug, and told him I loved him.  I reminded him he had two choices; he could sit inside and feel sorry for himself, or he could come outside and have fun.  Luckily this experience didn't paralyze him in self pity because he was able to enjoy the remainder of the night outside.

As a mother I find it hard to recognize the balance of letting my kids figure things out for themselves, and doing it for them.  Sometimes I wonder if it comes across that I'm ignoring them and don't care.  I want to acknowledge their hurt and/or frustration but I hate to encourage whining and tattling.  It would be easy to mediate, but what about real life?  I won't always be there to fight their battles, just like someone can't do that for me.  So how do I teach my kids to handle hard things when I'm still learning it myself.


{amy k.} said...

oh your kids are too cute!!! i would've about wet my pants too if i had heard him say that!

and big kids being mean to little ones makes me want to retaliate too.... guess i better work on that before i beat up on a kid! haha

Cara Fish said...

You are so my hero...truly.