Saturday, September 10, 2011

DAY 10

After convincing my little brother to get up and come with me, we took the boys to Lowe's this morning.  Lowe's building kits always seem more complicated than Home Depot's, so it's nice having someone else with me who doesn't have to pretend they know how to build.

Today the boys made police car's like "Uncle Cameron", and they were mesmerized by the blinking light on top.  For some reason neither of them had any interest in helping us build today; however, they both took an interest in hammering everything other than what we asked.  At least the final product kept their attention for the remainder of the day.

During nap time Jace decided to poop in the hallway and then wake Camden up so he wouldn't miss the fun.  I may or may not have freaked out on them and sent them both back to bed.  Thirty minutes is not long enough for me to regroup for the rest of the day.

While bathing the boys tonight, Camden begged me for some quiet time with he and Jace in the living room.  Of course I obliged and we made our way in right after they were dressed.  While sitting there I asked Camden what we do during quiet time.  His reply, "Well, here's my deal.  We just need to sit and talk and smile.  That's what we do for a fun quiet time together".

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Eun Jin Lee said...

You need to go to that link and enter jace in the most beautiful eyes contest...