Thursday, October 4, 2007

Utah Randomness

Doesn't he look content. He LOVED hanging with his Aunt Kristi. He was totally spoiled while in Utah, someone was always holding him.
Camden couldn't get enough of the metronome and it's constant clicking noise.

This was on the last day with Granny. We miss her already!
I can't believe how much he is filling in his car seat. I remember bringing him home from the hospital and I thought he would never fit in the dang thing. Now look at him.

At another one of Aunt Carly's soccer games! She always wanted to hold Camden right after, he didn't mind one bit.
Aunt Kristi trying to keep warm at the soccer game. It was so dang cold the entire time. It was fun to be able to use all of Camden's blankets that don't get much use in Arizona.

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