Friday, October 12, 2007

One A Day Rule

I have this weird quirk(really I have tons, but we will just talk about this one) that I only like to use one burp cloth per day. There are days where a second one is necessary, but I try and keep it to a minimum in order to keep my laundry down for the maid(a.k.a me).

When I came home from work tonight I noticed that everywhere I went I was picking up used burp cloths. I could've sworn I put yesterdays in the dirty basket, but I have been wrong once before. The burp cloth picking up became ridiculous, and I was getting a bit frustrated thinking, where are all of these coming from? Soon enough I found the camera and was flipping through the pictures when I found this:
Dan must have taken this picture during the day! Please note all of the burp cloths surrounding Cam. He looks so cute with all that barf/slobber down the side of his shirt, and burp cloths galor! I was busting up! My favorite part of this picture is the burp cloth hanging off his foot!

I must not have shared the one burp cloth per day rule with Dan.

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