Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nothing Better Than A Bath

Just a little background here...Upon getting married to my hot husband I inherited a dog, that Dog's name is Chewie!

Alright on to the story...One thing I have never liked about dogs is the fact that they stink. Oh, and another thing; I always feel like I need to wash my hands because I was around one, even if I didn't touch it. Oh and....just kidding, I'll stop there!

So to make this boring story shorter...I have this thing about Chewie getting a bath at least once a month to help cut back on the stink problem as mentioned earlier. This once a month rule was a bit easier when I was working full time and didn't have a child to spend my money on. Now that I don't work very often, and spend 150 bucks a month on formula for that child, I don't wanna give up my money on a dog's bath! And I of course don't bathe the dog, that's "Dan's job". Seeing how Dan works a boat load of hours and doesn't get a ton of free time, it's a bit hard to meet this once a month bath rule. But tonight it happened...(dun, dun, dun)
Oh and did I mention Chewie has more hair than any other dog I've ever seen!!! Just to give you an idea, we put a DVD(and Dan's foot) next to the pile of hair that was brushed from Chewie during her bath. Sick huh? DISCLAIMER: Please don't be afraid to come to my house for fear it is filthy because you've seen these pictures. I try REALLY hard to keep my house looking like a pet free environment. I swear I am constantly dusting and vacuuming! Bathing this dog is no small task. Her big fluffy coat has to be blown dry in order to keep it looking presentable. Can you see why when the money was readily available I was willing to pay the groomer to do this tedious task?
And here is the final product. Ahhh...nice and clean, I will sleep better tonight knowing she is a little cleaner!
Good job Dan! I love you ten times more than I did yesterday because you did this!!!

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note to self: NEVER get a dog!