Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Alright! So I got the hook up to this crazy little device from Dan's good pal(we will refer to him as Tyson). It's called a bodybugg, and basically I wear this funky thing around my arm and it tracks how many calories I burn. Tyson sets me up on a program of how many calories I should be burning as well as eating. He can access this site and the two of us can discuss what I need to be doing differently or what I'm doing well. The program he set me up on is linked to my bugg and I access the site to enter all my food for the day.

So once I input my food, this program tells me how many calories I have eaten. The charts below are similar to what I see. Obviously this chart isn't mine or I wouldn't be losing weight, but you get the point.

I'm not gonna bore you with the details...but I can say this...I love this thing. It has helped me realize that all the hard work I am putting into losing weight is making a difference. If you wanna know more about the Bodybugg you can check it out here. Or I can refer you to Dan's pal. I swear this post wasn't supposed to be a plug for this thing, but it quickly turned into one.

The point of this long drawn out post was to tell you that I was laying in bed while Dan was talking to Tyson on the phone and Tyson asked, "Wow, what were you doing at 9 o'clock this morning?". For a minute I felt a little violated. It never really crossed my mind that he could pin point one time during the day and see what I was up too. It just kinda freaked me out that he was looking at my graphs and could see that I was burning calories and my heart rate totally spiked. If anything, this creepiness helps me not want to be lazy or he can see that too!

So as I sit here and blog I am trying to do so fast in order to burn more calories so creepy Tyson can't say, "Wow, what weren't you doing at 4:30 this afternoon".

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Mimi said...

that's so crazy! another friend of mine has that. I hope it works for ya! I would unfortunetly be the lazy one that the guy would be like "what DO you do all day long?". happy loosing!